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Joe Exotic is Selling His Personal Belongings as NFTs From Behind Bars

The latest celebrity to infiltrate the crypto space is Joe Exotic, the viral star of Netflix’s 2020 true crime series Tiger King. The former exotic animal handler — who is currently serving a 22-year sentence for several wildlife violations and for plotting to kill rival zoo operator Carole Baskin — is launching his own line of NFTs from prison.
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'Tiger King' star and convicted animal abuser Joe Exotic to launch NFT from prison

The nonfungible token industry isn’t over yet, as Tiger King star Joe Exotic is set to launch his own NFT drop from prison, with some external assistance. New York-founded cryptocurrency club More announced Tuesday its foray into the celebrity NFT space with an auction on behalf of former zoo operator and TV star Joseph Maldonado-Passage, known professionally as Joe Exotic.
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Joe Exotic, a federal prisoner in Fort Worth, selling collectibles, NFTs in partnership

Even a prison cell won’t keep a natural-born entrepreneur down. Case in point? Fort Worth’s own federal prisoner best known by the name Joe Exotic. Exotic is launching his NFT from federal prison in Fort Worth, as a part of his collaboration with MORE, a cryptocurrency members club. NFT, in case you haven’t been keeping up with the latest in cryptocurrency, stands for non-fungible token. It’s generally built using the same kind of programming as cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but unlike cryptocurrencies are “fungible,” meaning they can be traded or exchanged for one another.
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Joe Exotic Will Start Selling NFTs and Weed From Prison

Joe Exotic—the zoo operator turned convicted felon turned Netflix docuseries superstar—is the latest celeb to hop on the NFT hype train. On Tuesday, the cryptocurrency platform MORE announced a new collaboration with Exotic featuring digital Tiger King tokens and real-world collectibles that the star will be fronting from his prison cell in Fort Worth, Texas.
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Tiger King star Joe Exotic is selling an NFT collection from prison

Tiger King star Joe Exotic is releasing his first digital-art collection (aka non-fungible tokens, or, NFTs) from prison in Fort Worth, Texas.The controversial personality, best known for appearing in Netflix's popular docu-series, is partnering with a US cryptocurrency club called MORE.“Being able to auction off collectibles makes me feel connected with the outside world, especially without my cats by my side,” Exotic said in a statement. “Whether you love me or hate me for what you think I've done, there's no doubt that everyone wants a piece of The Tiger King!”As a part of his collaboration, Exotic also intends...
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'Tiger King' star Joe Exotic selling NFTs from prison

"Tiger King" fans will be able to bid on several non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and physical items from Joe Exotic, the star of the popular 2020 Netflix docu-series, on Friday. Starting Friday, the former Oklahoma zoo owner — in partnership with cryptocurrency membership club MORE — will be auctioning off several NFTs along with their physical counterparts on NFT marketplace Mintable is hosting the online auction.

Joe Exotic Launching Cannabis Brand…. From Prison

Joe Exotic may be behind bars but that’s not stopping him from making money… through marijuana. He’s launching his own cannabis line in conjunction with Tango Hotel Charlie Group, LLC and Cannaxxs LTD. The brand will be called “Joe Exotic Cannabis.”. He says he’s launched the brand with the hope...

Joe Exotic Is Launching His Own Cannabis Line

Joe Exotic might be behind bars but he's getting ready to cash in on the cannabis industry. According to TMZ, the star of Netflix's hit documentary Tiger Kingis on pace to launch his own line of cannabis products under Joe Exotic Cannabis. The former zookeeper began plotting on the cannabis brand last July, following the success of Tiger King, and putting the right plays in motion ever since. The motivation behind his new product is providing medicinal cannabis to people who need to ease pain from any illnesses.
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Joe Exotic: The Cast And Other Things We Know About The Tiger King Limited Series On Peacock

CinemaBlend participates in affiliate programs with various companies. We may earn a commission when you click on or make purchases via links. In March 2020, there was one pop culture thing on everyone’s minds: Tiger King. The Netflix docuseries, which became an “out of left field” success was watched by as many as 34 million unique viewers when it was first launched, just as everyone was beginning to shelter in place. Tiger King fever quickly became the subject of numerous potential adaptations, including the upcoming Joe Exotic TV show starring Saturday Night Live mainstay Kate McKinnon.
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Joe Exotic: Everything we know about upcoming Tiger King series as Dennis Quaid joins cast

Dennis Quaid has just joined the cast of Joe Exotic, an upcoming TV series about the subject of Netflix’s Tiger King.Joe Exotic is being developed as a limited series by Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service in the US.Quaid will star as reality show producer Rick Kirkham, according to Deadline. Kirkham appeared in person in Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, the documentary series that became a hit on Netflix between March and April 2020.Here’s everything we know so far about Peacock’s upcoming TV show:What is it based on?The story of Joseph Maldonado-Passage (aka Joe Exotic) has been told in...

Joe Exotic Now has an official Tiger King Crypto Coin

Yep, we’re still hearing about Joe Exotic, the self-styled Tiger King, and this time it’s in the form of cryptocurrency, which is experiencing a pretty big surge thanks to a few different sources. The plan is apparently to get enough people interested in the Tiger King coin to pay for Joe’s defense fund since it would appear that the guy is still seeking to come up with some way to get out of prison. What’s even more amazing, though it’s not too surprising, unfortunately, is that there are a lot of people that are willing to buy these coins and support Joe in their own way. Some are bound to do this out of some misguided sense of belief that Joe is a decent human being as he’s been trying to claim, while others might do it out of some perverse interest to get in on what a few might think of as a moment in pop culture history that they simply can’t miss out on. It’s enough to make a person shake their head and roll their eyes to think that anyone is still giving anything to Joe, but freedom of choice being what it is, there’s no way to stop anyone unless they’re trying to do something that’s bound to break a law in the process. The Tiger King coin came out not long after Carole Baskin, Joe’s mortal enemy, came out, which is definitely to be expected since to be fair, it doesn’t sound as though Joe is going to let this feud go anytime soon. Thinking that the fight between Joe and Carole is going to simply burn out while he’s incarcerated is beyond naive, but when it comes to cryptocurrency one has to wonder just who’s going to come out ahead since it sounds as though Baskin’s own attempts at creating a crypto coin are less about generating revenue than it is about offering another token to her fans that they can keep and cherish. If you’re not willing to believe that entirely don’t worry, you’re not alone, but the fact is that Carole has made it clear that the coins are for the fans and aren’t meant to be an investment.
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Joe Exotic

Peacock’s ‘Joe Exotic’ Drama Enlists Nat Wolff. Peacock’s Tiger King series is rounding out its cast. Actor-musician Nat Wolff has boarded the Joe Exotic limited series starring Kate McKinnon and John Cameron Mitchell. Based on Wondery’s Joe…. Kate McKinnon’s ‘Joe Exotic’ Drama Will Be Exclusive to Peacock. NBCUniversal’s high-profile Joe...

Feds seize 68 big cats at ‘Tiger King’ zoo once owned by Joe Exotic

Federal agents said, “Hey all you cool cats and kittens.”. The Justice Department seized 68 big cats Thursday from the Oklahoma zoo once owned by Joe Exotic and featured in “Tiger King.” Exotic’s old rival, Jeff Lowe, now owns the property. The feds took possession of 46 tigers, 7 lions...