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‘The New Andy Griffith Show’ Actress Lee Meriwether Shut Down Rumors She Was Going To Marry Joe DiMaggio

Prior to having a pretty successful acting career, “The New Andy Griffith Show” star Lee Meriwether had to address a big rumor about her personal life. According to MeTV, columnist Walter Winchell reported in 1956 that the “The New Andy Griffith Show” actress was going to marry baseball star, Joe DiMaggio. This rumor surfaced not too long after DiMaggio divorced Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe.
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There was a rumor Lee Meriwether was going to marry Joe DiMaggio

They were just friends. She tied the knot instead with this Sixties TV star. Lee Meriwether is an actor known to classic TV fans for exciting early roles like her portrayal of Catwoman in the 1966 Batman movie. In the Seventies, she impressed while acting alongside some of classic TV’s...

Joe DiMaggio, Boston Children's team up on complex care

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, based in Hollywood, Fla., launched an alliance with Boston Children's hospital April 25 to enhance access to complex pediatric care in South Florida. Under the alliance, Joe DiMaggio will see patients at its new complex care center and can refer patients to specialists at Boston Children's...

Joe DiMaggio Goes to the Mardi Gras

As I headed down Tulane Avenue on a straight-ahead mission – and not for a fools-errand U-turn – I fumbled through my cell phone rolodex. “Aadad.” Hackers could never crack my code. “Dad, I’ve got something important I’ve been thinking about. Are you sitting down?”
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How the White Sox played a part in Joe DiMaggio meeting Marilyn Monroe

In "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," Marilyn Monroe sings "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." She might have been singing about another kind of diamond, one with four bases and a pitcher's mound. With the 60th anniversary of her passing in August and the recent release of a CNN documentary series, the...

Marilyn Monroe And Joe DiMaggio Signed Concert Ad Hits Auction

A rare piece of memorabilia is hitting the auction block -- a concert ad signed by both Marilyn Monroe AND Joe DiMaggio ... and the item could sell for some serious coin!!!. Here's the backstory -- TMZ Sports is told an 11-year-old girl saw the couple having dinner at The Beverly Hills Hotel in 1952 ... and approached the Yankees legend for an autograph.