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Joe Black Gets In Altercation With Fan At IWE Pro Show

Independent star Joe Black got in an altercation with a fan at last night’s IWE Pro show in August, Georgia. As noted by’s Cassidy Haynes, a fan stood up and headbutted Black after the heel, playing up his character during his entrance, smacked the fan’s hat off of his head. That led to a brawl breaking out as you can see via some clips. Wrestling Inc reports that some of the other audience members were “shaken up” by the incident and it was noted by someone in attendance that the man was not a plant, and the whole thing was not a work.
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KOBK Blood On My Jeans Results 05.07.22: Joe Black, AKIRA, M*E*R*C In-Action

KOBK hosted Blood On My Jeans on May 7 from the TWE Arena in Red Bank, Tennessee. Check out the full results below (per Fightful):. * M*E*R*C defeated Ron Bass Jr. * Brett Ison & Merrik Donovan defeated Pete YoungBlood & BK Westbrook. * Nick Iggy defeated Billy Tipton. *...
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JOE BLACK: What are your core values?

A local church is doing a sermon series on core values. I saw it on their marquee on the way in to work one morning, and it got me to thinking. What are my core values? What principles do I follow that make me the person that I am — or want to be?
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JOE BLACK: Make sure to take headaches seriously

Headaches are something I know well. Beginning in my early teen years, I had frequent and often severe headaches. Somewhere along the way, those evolved into migraines. My 20s and 30s were marred by frequent and sometimes debilitating headaches. Being self-employed for most of that time, I had to work. I had no choice.
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JOE BLACK: A new season is like a U-Haul truck heading to its new home

One morning early this week, I fell in behind a U-Haul truck pulling a car, going somewhere. I can only imagine where. A new town. A new home. A new job. Somewhere. I remember those days. In 1977, my U-Haul truck was filled with all we owned and parked outside the MidSouth Coliseum in Memphis where I was graduating. We walked out of graduation and drove to our new home in Maryville.
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JOE BLACK: Ditching the skateboarding stereotypes

I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but I used to ride a skateboard. It’s true — 55-plus years ago. I had an aunt and uncle that lived in California and growing up I was fascinated with all things California. Surfing. Beach Boys. And skateboarding.
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JOE BLACK: The point of youth sports is to help children grow, not to win

Sometimes I get an idea just out of the blue and build a column from that. It can be a single word or phrase. Sometimes people suggest topics, which is always welcome. Sometimes I struggle to decide on a topic. After 35 years, that should be no surprise. And then...
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JOE BLACK: Remember what you wanted to hear from your parents

Mine? Eh, it’s OK. I’m terrible with names but I can tell you what surgery you had on your shoulder 20 years ago. I can remember football scores from games that I played in 50 years ago but might forget milk at the grocery store unless I have a list.
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JOE BLACK: Don't let the weather be an excuse not to exercise

One day it’s almost seventy and we’re all outdoors in shorts and the next day we have snow and freezing temperatures. The mild December weather even fooled some of my flowers. The warm weather probably lulled us all into a sense of complacency, but goodness gracious, Father Winter...
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JOE BLACK: What are your New Year's resolutions?

I really don’t expect anyone to remember this, but every year, I declare that I will not be making any New Year’s resolutions. In thinking about it, it seems rather arrogant of me. It might imply that I don’t think that I need to change anything. That I’m somehow in no need of improvement.