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MK2 Films Shoots Remake of Wim Wenders’ 1982 Docu ‘Room 666’ During Cannes With Audrey Diwan, Joachim Trier

Click here to read the full article. MK2 Films is shooting “Curiosity Room,” a remake of Wim Wenders’s cult 1982 documentary “Room 666,” during the Cannes Film Festival. Produced by MK Prods. in collaboration with the Cannes Film Festival, “Curiosity Room” will be directed Lubna Playoust, an actor (“The French Dispatch”) and filmmaker who notably helmed “Le Cormoran.” Following the same set up as the original film, “Curiosity Room” is filming every day of the festival in a room at the Marriott Hotel on the Croisette, where 30 filmmakers, many of whom are either on juries or have movies and projects...
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Oscar-Nominated Director Joachim Trier On ‘The Worst Person In The World’: “It’s A Coming-Of-Age Movie For Grownups”

Click here to read the full article. When The Worst Person in the World premiered in competition in Cannes this year there was the sense of an arrival, notably in the case of its leading lady, Renate Reinsve, who won the festival’s award for best actress. In actual fact, the film was closer to a destination, being the third part of an unofficial triptych begun by Norwegian director Joachim Trier with his 2006 feature debut Reprise, about two young bohemian writers living in Oslo. He followed it in 2011 with Oslo, August 31st, in which Reprise’s star, Anders Danielsen Lie,...

Joachim Trier on “The Worst Person in the World” Epilogue, Freezing Oslo in Time and More with Paul Thomas Anderson

It was bound to be a wide-ranging conversation when Joachim Trier and Renate Reinsve beamed in from different corners of the world to talk with Paul Thomas Anderson, with “The Worst Person in the World” star tucked into a hotel room in London at 2 am, its director putting off sleep for another hour in Oslo where it was 3 am and Anderson in Los Angeles where it was a far more hospitable 6 pm. But still, it was unlikely anyone had talk of a sociological study in Stockholm as a topic of discussion on their bingo card.

Joachim Trier On “Very Touching” ‘Worst Person In The World’ Oscar noms

Joachim Trier is having a good day. The excitement is almost pouring through the phone. And, who can blame him? Trier has just earned his first two Oscar nominations for his celebrated romantic drama “The Worst Person in the World.”. READ MORE: 2022 Oscar Nominations [Complete List]. “We are...

Joachim Trier, Renate Reinsve on Oscar Contender ‘The Worst Person in the World’

Joachim Trier’s “The Worst Person in the World,” about a young woman figuring out life and love, might have brought Renate Reinsve the best actress award at Cannes, but the two actually started their collaboration in 2011 on “Oslo, August 31st” – Reinsve’s very first film. “I was an extra with one line,” she said during an online discussion with the director, accompanying a surprise screening of their film at Rotterdam Film Festival. “The Worst Person in the World” was recently shortlisted for Best International Feature Film at the Academy Awards. “I had nothing to compare it to – it...