Joëlle Léandre

Joëlle Léandre / Evan Parker / Agustí Fernández / Zlatko Kaučič: A Uiš?

Though the instrumentation on A Uiš evokes the classic jazz quartet, the outcome resides a world away from that tradition. To celebrate 40 years as a professional musician, Slovenian drummer Zlatko Kaućić assembled a quartet of top drawer improvisers for a 45-minute collectively navigated journey, recorded live at the jazz festival in his home town of Cernko in 2018. Each boasts an unrivalled track record and the discography to prove it. Each is a groundbreaking leader. British saxophonist Evan Parker is celebrated for his radical overhaul of what the saxophone might do. French bassist Joëlle Léandre matches her boundless imagination with peerless technique, while Catalan pianist Agusti Fernandez leaves no part of his instrument untouched in his unfurling artistic expression.