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Ben Affleck Reveals He Once Asked JLo If Fame ‘Bothers’ Her In First Trailer For Brand New Netflix Doc

Being a celebrity can be a tricky thing; while there's fame and fortune, A-listers are also stripped of their anonymity. Jennifer Lopez knows this all too well, as her romantic life has been making headlines for decades at this point. Her life will be explored in the upcoming Netflix documentary Halftime, which will also feature Ben Affleck. And in the trailer for the doc, Affleck reveals once Once asked JLo if fame "bothers" her.
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One Big Way Jennifer Garner’s Relationship Is Allegedly Very Different Than Ben Affleck And JLo’s

Any relationship has the potential to be intense, and that pretty much goes double for celebrities. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez can attest to this, as they had a rough go of it the first time around, at least where the media is concerned. Bennifer 2.0 is no stranger to the limelight either, but it seems as though Jennifer Garner’s post-Affleck relationship is very different in this regard.
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See The Funny Moment When A-Rod's ESPN Co-Star Trolled Him Over JLo's Engagement To Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez and the “Bennifer” fanbase who ship them are in a time of celebration. The Hollywood couple is now officially engaged for the second time, following more than a decade apart, and interestingly, that green engagement ring has some personal meaning for the actress. It came out that Affleck actually popped the question whilst she was in the bathtub of all places. However, what’s even funnier than the proposal location is how JLo’s ex-fiancé A-Rod got trolled over the exciting news by his ESPN co-star.

At The Super Bowl, Beyoncé And JLo Basically Wore Our Favourite Going Out Looks From 2006

At yesterday's Super Bowl, we couldn't helped but wonder if we'd travelled back in time to roughly 2006. Beyoncé shared several pictures of her outfit on Instagram - and not only was she wearing denim cut-offs, she was wearing them with tights. Tights! That pairing is ringing all kinds of nostalgic bells for those of us who wore it almost constantly (see also: denim minis with black leggings) in the Noughties.
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REEL TALK: JLo, Wilson lack chemistry in 'Marry Me'

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and waiting for it is Jennifer Lopez in “Marry Me.” The romantic comedy is more music than romance or comedy but finds enough hooks to keep you engaged until the predictable, yet unlikely, ending. Lopez plays Kat Valdez, the singing...

After JLo Is Accused Of Drama Following Ben Affleck Comments About Ex Jennifer Garner, Lopez Speaks Out

Ben Affleck has been in lot of hot water of late. While promoting his upcoming film The Tender Bar, he opened up to Howard Stern about his struggles with alcoholism regarding his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. But it wasn't the praise for the mother of his three kids, nor the lengthy reflection about his own issues, that spread like wildfire. Rather, it was the actor’s comments about feeling “trapped” at that time inspiring his turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism, which ultimately sparked a huge backlash online surrounding the idea that he was blaming Garner for his drinking problem. Subsequent reports even suggested that Affleck’s new/old paramour Jennifer Lopez was upset about what he said. However, JLo has since decided to speak out publicly about the situation.
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Ben Affleck on how reconciliation with JLo came to be as ‘great story’

Los Angeles, Dec 2 (SocialNews.XYZ) Hollywood star Ben Affleck is letting fans write their own versions of how he and singer-actress Jennifer Lopez got back together. Talking about how his reconciliation with his ex-fiancee came to be, the actor keeps his lips sealed, but teased that it's "a great story."

Crypto Venue for Bets on Trump, JLo and Covid Faces U.S. Probe

It’s the go-to place for making crypto wagers on whether Donald Trump retakes the White House and Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck get engaged. It’s also under scrutiny by a top Wall Street regulator. The firm is Polymarket -- a New York-based platform that’s surged in popularity during the pandemic...

Severe leakage, flooding, electrical explosions, and much more – Ultra-rich residents of NYC skyscraper on billionaires row where JLo once lived have sued its developers for $250 million.

Since 2015, 432 Park Avenue has been an address synonymous with ultra-rich luxury and served as the residence of those people who had ‘truly arrived.’ This 1,396-foot-tall residential skyscraper is a part of the esteemed ‘Billionaire’s Row’ developed by CIM Group and Harry B. Macklowe. It stood tall as the tallest residential building globally, which attracted a glittering clientele who paid as much as $88 million to live in a 102-story skyscraper. “In only five years, members of the condo and commercial board are now demanding $250 million from developers and calling the building one of ‘the worst examples of sponsor malfeasance in the development of a luxury condominium in the history of New York City,” according to a lawsuit filed in New York Supreme Court, reported DailyMail.

Ben Affleck And JLo Had A Movie Date, Jury’s Out On Whether She Only Ate The Brown M&Ms

For as long as there have been famous people, the public has been invested in celebrity couples. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez know this all too well, as their relationship in the 2000’s led to the first example of shipping as we know it. Following their reconnection, Affleck and JLo were recently spotted having a movie date, but the jury’s out on whether she only ate the brown M&Ms.
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Ben Affleck protects ladylove JLo from fan

Los Angeles, Sep 13 (SocialNews.XYZ) Hollywood star Ben Affleck pushed away a man who got too close to singer-actress Jennifer Lopez while trying to take a selfie. The 49-year-old actor stepped up to block an unmasked man who was trying to take selfies with the 'Hustlers' star at Marco Polo International Airport in Venice, Italy, reports

Wait, Has A Below Deck Alum Joined JLo And Ben Affleck's Entourage?

A lot goes down on Bravo's Below Deck: throuples, hookups, crazy guest demands and even physical altercations. With its eclectic groups of stewardesses and deckies mixed with high-rolling clientele, the reality show puts a modern, juicy spin on the classic upstairs/downstairs, Downton Abbey conceit. But I guess when you can't beat ‘em, you join ‘em. Because one Below Deck: Mediterranean alum supposedly left behind the yachty world to actually be a guest on a yacht, as one of JLo and Ben Affleck’s entourage.