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Hardcore Baseball: Previewing the 2022 season with Jimmy Stewart

Hardcore Baseball returns for 2022, with Jimmy Stewart joining Matt McCarthy to discuss the upcoming season. McCarthy and Stew hit on their expectations for the Red Sox (4:00), the AL East (7:00), defensive improvements for the Sox (14:00), the Bogaerts and Devers contract situations (18:40), Alex Cora’s impact (33:45), and what Triston Casas could bring to the table (40:40).
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How Jimmy Stewart Found His Signature Acting Style

When America looks in the mirror, it sees honor, respectability, and loyalty, and it saw the same qualities when it looked at Jimmy Stewart. Stewart was one of the first Hollywood stars to possess the everyman quality seen in actors like Tom Hanks today. On-screen, the characters of George Bailey or John "Scottie" Ferguson are larger than life, but the drawl and endearing smile made the Hollywood star portraying them relatable. Audiences felt like James Stewart, who they liked to call Jimmy, was the kind of guy they could invite over for breakfast. He was an average joe who just happened to stutter his way into stardom.

The Classic Cary Grant Role Jimmy Stewart Was Begging To Play

Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant each starred in four Alfred Hitchcock films. They worked with the director an equal number of times, with Stewart appearing in "Rope," "Rear Window," "The Man Who Knew Too Much," and "Vertigo," and Grant appearing in "They Are Suspicion," "Notorious," "To Catch a Thief," and "North by Northwest." Stewart's collaborations were spread out from 1948 to 1958, while Grant's encompassed almost all of two decades, from 1941 to 1959.

The Famous Hitchcock Role That Took Its Toll On Jimmy Stewart

"Rope" may not have been Hitchcock and Stewart's only foray into the fascinating realm of single-location movies, but it came with an added catch in that it employed the conceit of unfolding in real time. Hitchcock filmed "Rope" in long takes and edited it together so that it looked like it was all done in a single shot. For example, as one reel ends, the shot settles on the back of a man's suit to hide the cut. There were only so many times Hitchcock could get away with camera tricks like this, however, so the majority of the film plays out as if you're watching actors give a theater performance live on stage.

What I have in common with Jimmy Stewart

We made our annual trip to New York City for Broadway plays. This time, under very strict COVID protocols. We saw three musicals, and on Sunday night, went to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music hall. First, I was surprised that every hotel, restaurant and play checked...

Kristen Stewart On ‘Spencer,’ Fame, And Her Love For Jimmy Stewart

It was kind of a funny moment. In this interview, Kristen Stewart is explaining how she’s been watching so many older movies lately (which it seems a lot of us have been doing that), to the point she’d even watch movies on her Criterion app to decompress in-between shots while filming Pablo Larraín’s Spencer, even if she could only get in 10 minutes at a time. I, offhand, mention The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, to which Stewart says she just watched. Okay, fun coincidence. Then Stewart mentions her love for The Philadelphia Story, which, I swear, I had just watched the night before this interview. It’s at this point we both kind of realize we’ve been watching a lot of the same movies lately and there was a lot to talk about. (Which gets us to Stewart’s love for Jimmy Stewart, to the point she’s incorporated him as the archetype for one of the characters in a project she’s trying to get made.)

A Remarkable Story of Friendship Between Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda

Author Scott Eyman’s book is a tonic in these days of politics dividing the nation on almost every topic. He takes us to a time when two Hollywood stars maintained their long-term friendship in spite of differences that came between them including actions of their children during the Vietnam War. A very useful lesson for our times.

Jimmy Stewart Reads Touching Poem He Wrote For His Old Dog Named Beau

Jimmy Stewart was widely known for his duties in such classics as “Back Window,” “It’s A Fantastic Life,” and “Vertigo” and was likewise an expert of The second world war and the Vietnam War. And one thing that made him tick through it all was his canine Beau. After the...

Jimmy Stewart classic kicks off CAPA series this week in Columbus

COLUMBUS -- The 2021 CAPA Summer Movie Series begins its 52nd consecutive season in Columbus on Thursday, July 22, with Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much. The longest-running classic film series in America, the 2021 series will run July 22 through Aug. 29 at the historic Ohio Theatre (39 E. State St.) and feature 21 films over six weeks.