Jim Mullen


Tom Remon and Jim Mullen – ‘Duality’

(Lunaria Records. CD Review by John Arnett) The title is a good one. Close inspection reveals a number of dualities underlying this most enjoyable album. For a start it is the work of a guitar duo, one starting out (although you’d never guess it) and the other, Jim Mullen, a distinguished veteran with an illustrious back catalogue, who needs little introduction. Tom Remon is a recent graduate of the Middlesex University jazz course, and Jazz Warriors alumnus. An important part of Lunaria Records’ mission is to introduce new talents, and as Tom Remon says, the album was an unforeseen and happy side effect of lockdown, recorded last year. Then there is the duality of the guitar itself, with its unique versatility as both a chordal or rhythm instrument and a melody or single line one. Accomplished guitarists, as amply demonstrated here, are able to switch fluently between both roles, often within the same piece. Finally there are, you could say, two sides to the material – eight wide ranging jazz repertoire standards, from Rogers and Hart to Joe Henderson and Dave Brubeck, alongside three Tom Remon originals.
Picture for Tom Remon and Jim Mullen – ‘Duality’