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Jim McKee: There are few remnants of Cotner College

As the villages of College View, Normal Heights, University Place, Bethany Heights and West Lincoln were annexed and absorbed by Lincoln, most of their original buildings were gradually lost and mostly forgotten, but in each case, pockets of structures are extant ghosts of their former existence. Although only faint traces...
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Jim McKee: LaPorte, once a county seat, is now plowed ground

Nebraska is dotted with town sites that no longer exist, some never developed beyond a name on a map, some prospering briefly, even becoming a county seat, only to completely disappear as farm land. One of the quickest ways for a town with great potential to wither and disappear was...
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Jim McKee: Railway led to the development of Malcolm

When the Midland Pacific Railway Co. built west from Nebraska City in an attempt to reach the first state capital in Lincoln, it literally created three Lancaster County towns. Cheney’s Town changed its name to Cheney, and Woodlawn, whose population peaked at 100 in 1880, virtually disappeared. Malcolm, the third...
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Jim McKee: Just who was George Holmes?

The name Holmes pops up in Lincoln on buildings, sites and projects with frequency. From Holmes Golf Course, Holmes dog Park, Holmes Lake Park to Holmes Elementary School, the name seems almost ubiquitous. But who is the Holmes to which these places refer?. William Winterton Holmes arrived in the Nebraska...
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Jim McKee: Towns battled to be Hamilton County seat

Like many early Nebraska counties, Hamilton County, with initially very sparse population, started life with a few villages that changed their names and fought for county seat designation. Following the trend of other counties, the county seat ultimately ended up near the geographic center, while its county-wide population has fallen...
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Jim McKee: Lincoln's Block 37 started residential, then featured car dealers

Two downtown Lincoln buildings, now both more than a century old, still stand side-by-side with their original basic appearance readily recognizable but for ground-floor entrances. Still, the taller structure just to the right in the above photo belies its original owner, where two carved- stone eagles perch atop the fourth floor and two more face the west in carved-stone panels on the ground floor’s north and south corners.