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Jim McKay Maryland Million Day set for October 22

The 37th edition of Jim McKay Maryland Million Day will take place Saturday, October 22, 2022, at Laurel Park. Jim McKay Maryland Million Day is designed to promote Maryland stallions, whose offspring compete in the races with purses and awards of over $1 million each year. Heading into the new year, Maryland stallion farms are gearing up for the 2022 breeding season and looking forward to the success of the resulting foals, the future stars of Jim McKay Maryland Million Day in 2025 and beyond.
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GMU forward Josh Oduro signs NIL deal with Jim McKay Chevrolet

WASHINGTON (7News) — We’re starting to see college players profit off their name, image, and likeness with what are called NIL deals. Over the summer, 7News reported about the NCAA’s new policy that allows college athletes to monetize their social media accounts, sell merchandise, or even star in ad campaigns.
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Michael Stipe Talks with Jim McKay on the Talkhouse Podcast

On the latest episode of the Talkhouse Podcast, former REM frontman Michael Stipe talks with veteran indie director Jim McKay about the production company they’ve run together since the late 1980s, C-Hundred Film Corp, and the amazing work that has come out of it. In a fascinating conversation, the two best friends not only walk us through the history of the company – its humble beginnings in Athens, GA, to creating PSAs with KRS-One and Natalie Merchant, and Michael making the *original* Orange is the New Black at the Sundance Film Festival back in the ’90s – but also touch on their latest projects (McKay’s new film, and the photography book which Stipe just published) and how the pandemic has affected them, both creatively and personally. For more filmmakers talking film and TV, visit Talkhouse at Subscribe now to stay in the loop on future episodes of the Talkhouse Podcast.

Kelly Allen, Jim McKay: A recovery that works for all (Opinion)

The past year has been a difficult one for our state’s families, businesses and communities. West Virginians are resilient and hard-working, but we still need to work together to emerge from the pandemic. That’s where government can be most helpful: meeting and solving big challenges together that no one could...