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Jim Acosta calls out Tucker Carlson, Fox News for profiting off white supremacy

CNN host Jim Acosta pointed to the Fox News network for its ongoing promotion of the theory the Buffalo, New York, shooter allegedly adopted as his philosophy. Police discovered a manifesto that addressed the "great replacement" theory, which holds that Democrats are somehow orchestrating an increase in people of color to intentionally dominate white people.
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Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses CNN's Jim Acosta of "harassment"

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., accused CNN anchor Jim Acosta of "harassment" after the host asked the Republican lawmaker about her alleged texts supporting "Marshall law" in the leadup to the Capitol riot. On Wednesday, Greene appeared rebuffed reports that she had asked former White House Chief of Staff Mark...

Marjorie Taylor Greene accuses CNN’s Jim Acosta of being a liar after he asks her about ‘Marshall law’ text

Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed Jim Acosta as a “liar” after the CNN reporter pressed the congresswoman about a text message the outlet obtained that revealed she’d sent former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows a message that Donald Trump enact martial law in the waning days of his presidency and immediately after the 6 January insurrection.The text messages, part of a trove obtained by the network, provide insight into how some of Trump’s staunchest allies continued to strategise to keep the former US president in the Oval Office, just a little more than week after a violent mob...

Of Course Marjorie Taylor Greene Got All Huffy After Jim Acosta Approached Her With ‘Marshall Law’ Questions

The creator of “gazpacho police” is at it again. CNN’s Jim Acosta’s out there, doing his job as chief domestic correspondent. Today, his duties involved approaching QAnon cheerleader Marjorie Taylor Greene, which likely wasn’t something he looked forward to doing because she’s so confrontational. Nonetheless, Acosta needed to ask her about that text message that could get her removed from the 2022 ballot for reelection. Under testimony, that is, Greene straight-up lie under oath while denying that she advocated for “marshall law.” Yet her text to Mark Meadows told a different tale:

CNN’s Jim Acosta agrees with guest comparing GOP not supporting gun control to ‘human sacrifice’

CNN’s Jim Acosta agreed on Sunday with a liberal guest who compared Republicans not passing gun control to "mass human sacrifice" practiced by ancient societies. Acosta, the network's "chief domestic correspondent," invited author Kurt Andersen onto his left-wing weekend program to discuss his new book that claims conservatives who oppose vaccines have brought "human sacrifice" to America.

CNN's Jim Acosta compares Virginia to 'Soviet-style police state' under Glenn Youngkin

CNN host Jim Acosta on Tuesday suggested Virginia was being run like a "Soviet-style police state" under new Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin. During a segment on his fill-in primetime show, Acosta, while making the comparison, cited an email tip line set up by Youngkin's administration in which parents can report teachers that teach "divisive" topics to their children, such as critical race theory, while also mocking the way Youngkin dressed.

CNN's Jim Acosta: I still have 'marks on my back' from standing up to Trump

CNN host Jim Acosta appeared to compare the derision he endured at the hands of former President Donald Trump to being physically abused on Monday. During Monday's handover between his fill-in hosting gig and "Don Lemon Tonight," Acosta said he still had "marks on my back" from his tenure at the White House, seemingly referring to the tumultuous relationship he had with Trump, as well as the criticism he often received from the latter.