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Jessie Buckley: ‘Women Talking’ Resonated Because “It Isn’t Just A Female Experience, It’s A Worldly Experience”

When Jessie Buckley first read Sarah Polley’s script for Women Talking, it bothered her. There they were, a bunch of women sitting in a barn in the back-blocks of Canada, talking about what they were going to do with their lives: they wouldn’t let her go. “There was so much unknown within it, which was the best part of it, because it kept nagging me,” she says. “Even after I’d read the original book and met Sarah, it was something that kept just returning. I was like, ‘Get out! Get out of my head!’” Of course, Women Talking wasn’t going anywhere....
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Oscar Contender Jessie Buckley Is the One Who Pops in ‘Women Talking’ — Here’s Why

“Stories We Tell” filmmaker Sarah Polley assembled such a stellar ensemble for “Women Talking” that it’s tempting to throw them all into the Oscar race. It’s easy to see why the Indie Spirits gave the cast its Robert Altman Ensemble award. And the SAG Awards may well join the fray. While long-overdue Rooney Mara (two nominations) is contending for Best Actress, her costars Jessie Buckley, Claire Foy, Judith Ivey, Sheila McCarthy, and Frances McDormand are all deserving of a Supporting nomination. But that’s not how it’s going to go. The most likely scenario has Buckley landing a slot, with Emmy-winner Claire...

Jessie Buckley and Bernard Butler: For All Our Days that Tear the Heart review – a mesmerising debut

Jessie Buckley’s strength as an actor is that, however preposterous her character or dialogue, she locates something true and compelling and makes you believe it. That same rich, animating intelligence ripples through this very promising debut. Fans of Butler’s guitar playing may be disappointed that he prefers acoustic to the electric extravagances of his collaborations with other flamboyant vocalists like Brett Anderson and David McAlmont. Yet his production has never been better. For All Our Days… leans into American, Irish, English and even Spanish folk traditions without slavishly following any of them, and his light, confident touch gives due time and space to Buckley’s magical voice.

Jessie Buckley channels Joni Mitchell, Nova Twins storm the rock scene – the week’s best albums

Jessie Buckley and Bernard Butler, For All Our Days That Tear the Heart ★★★★☆. Famous actors who release albums are brave souls. For every decent stab – Scarlett Johansson’s 2008 LP of Tom Waits covers was memorable; Minnie Driver released a solid set of songs in 2004 – there are multiple bizarre efforts, from Steven Seagal playing yacht rock to Christopher Lee releasing an album of symphonic heavy metal. No matter the genre, the performer’s dual career invites extra scrutiny. And it’s always hard to escape the whiff of “vanity project” about such releases.

Jessie Buckley “didn’t” manage to not laugh while Rory Kinnear wore false teeth during Men

Jessie Buckley “didn’t” manage to keep a straight face while Rory Kinnear wore false teeth during the filming of ‘Men’. The ‘Lost Daughter’ star joked that eagle-eyed viewers of the Alex Garland directed horror film - where the pair play multiple characters - could spot her “back shuddering” when her 44-year-old co-star was wearing his artificial gnashers.

Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear: ‘I like the extremes of opinion Men will instil in people’

In her new film Men, Jessie Buckley seeks peaceful tranquillity in the English countryside, only to be stalked and terrorised by a succession of males. By coincidence, Buckley was offered the role just as she traded her one-bedroom in London for… a Gothic 17th-century house in rural Norfolk. “My boyfriend read the script one day and he’s like: you’re leaving me in this house?” she recalls, while suppressing a guilty laugh. “This house where the back light goes on and off on its own accord? And there are weird plinths in the garden?” The 32-year-old Irish star, who won an...

Jessie Buckley on Alex Garland and the collaborative process of Men

Jessie Buckley is widely considered one of the finest actors of her generation after sweeping the independent film scene with an array of incredible performances, and she even picked up an Oscar nomination for her supporting role in the Netflix movie The Lost Daughter recently. With her new movie Men, Buckley takes the plunge into the unfamiliar territory of making a horror movie.

Jessie Buckley And Bernard Butler Share ‘Footnotes On The Map’

Jessie Buckley and Bernard Butler have shared the new song “Footnotes On The Map,” the fourth song taken from their upcoming debut album. “There’s no fear without courage,” Buckley sings on the new track, Butler and guest vocalist Sam Lee echoing her words back at her. “A sense of what’s left behind or what’s to come/Just adrift in a moment/A float in the storm.” Their voices converge alongside the string section, marshaled by Sally Herbert.

Jessie Buckley and Bernard Butler Share New Song “Footnotes on the Map”

Acclaimed actress Jessie Buckley (I’m Thinking of Ending Things, The Lost Daughter) and ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler are releasing an album, For All Our Days That Tear The Heart, on June 17 via EMI. Now they have shared the album’s fourth single, “Footnotes on the Map.” Listen below.

Jessie Buckley calls Men criticism “silly” and “boring”

Alex Garland’s new horror movie Men has been dividing critics, with many praising its bold narrative and its ambitious approach to filmmaking, while others have criticised its provocative messages about women. Jessie Buckley, the star of the movie, has made her stance very clear, and has labelled these criticisms as “silly” and “boring”.