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Jesse Watters: We're officially declaring ourselves common sense conservatives

Jesse Watters declared the establishment of common sense conservatives Thursday on "Jesse Watters Primetime." JESSE WATTERS: We're officially declaring ourselves common sense conservatives. Anybody can be a common sense conservative — social conservative, national security conservative, even an "ultra-MAGA" conservative. You just have to have common sense. Independents and Democrats, if you have common sense, come along for the ride. All we care about is results. If somebody has a good idea on the Left or the Right, if it works, let's do it. We just want the American people to be rich, safe and happy. Is that so hard? And we want things to work.
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Jesse Watters: Democrats are terrified of the pro-choice lobby

Jesse Watters gives his take on abortion protesters targeting the homes of Supreme Court justices on "The Five." JESSE WATTERS: The Democrats are terrified of the pro-choice lobby. They're very powerful and they don't want to say anything outside of full support of partial birth abortion because it's going to get them in trouble and it's going to dry up donations because they want to stay in power and that's what that's about.
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Jesse Watters: Liberal protests at homes of Supreme Court justices are just a warning shot

Jesse Watters responded to left-wing protesters showing up outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices on "Jesse Watters Primetime" Monday. JESSE WATTERS: [The protest] was enough to force Justice Alito and his entire family into hiding. They've moved now to an undisclosed location. An angry left-wing mob has forced a Supreme Court justice into hiding. Let that sink in. If men wearing MAGA hats forced Justice Sotomayor into hiding, how do you think that would go down?

Jesse Watters: Democrats will stoke 'abortion rage' this summer

Jesse Watters issued a stark warning about where he believes pro-abortion activists will take their Roe v. Wade fight ahead of the midterm elections on "The Five." JESSE WATTERS: The White House gave license to this [protests at Justices' homes]. Remember last week they didn’t really condemn it, and now you see it’s gone full-blown crazy. I think [Justice Samuel] Alito had to leave his house. He’s at an undisclosed location. This is from the same crowd that bailed out the rioters. This is from mad Maxine Waters who said to get up in people’s faces. Pelosi didn’t condemn this, she gave license to it. So they’re going to turn the midterms into a referendum on Roe and that’s fine because they have nothing else they’ve accomplished. The media will bang this drum because they don’t want to cover crime, the border or inflation. They have to do this, it has to be a culture war. Just like the rage they [Democrats] stoked over race in the summer of 2020, they are going to stoke the abortion rage this summer. It's going to be rage versus reason. Abortion is sacred to the left. What that means is this is a religious situation. This is a religious war to the left. Nothing means more to them than this abortion situation.

Jesse Watters: Biden could not be in a worse political situation

Jesse Watters reacted to the baby formula shortage on ‘The Five." JESSE WATTERS: So, the Putin price hike is not working. The White House has a new line of attack. They need to sharpen the contrast with Republicans in the midterms. So, you're going to see Biden getting hyper partisan and just blaming everything on the right. The country's not buying it.

Jesse Watters: Why the Fox News Host Has Been Missing in Action

Political commentator and author Jesse Watters appears to have been missing in action for a few days, leaving many of his fans and Fox News followers questioning his whereabouts. Watters currently serves as the co-host of The Five, which airs weekdays at 5:00–6:00 p.m. ET, and host of Jesse Watters Primetime (weeknights 7:00–8:00 p.m. ET), both on Fox News.

Jesse Watters Addresses Viral Anecdote About Deflating Now-Wife's Tires: 'That Was a Joke'

Jesse Watters is addressing a controversial anecdote he shared earlier this month about "letting the air out" of his now-wife's tires in order to give her a lift. Upon his return to The Five on Fox News on Monday, following a medical leave for his back, Watters referred to what he called "Deflategate" when some of his co-anchors asked him if he had gotten in trouble for his comments.

Jesse Watters: Democrats are panicked a red wave is coming and Biden is asleep

Jesse Watters warned on "Jesse Watters Primetime" that Democrats could be facing a Jimmy Carter situation if they primary Joe Biden in 2024. JESSE WATTERS: Biden is already worse off than Carter. Even though they bother caused foreign and domestic catastrophes, Carter could at least form a coherent sentence. Democrats are panicking, a red wave is coming and their captain is sound asleep. The New York Times says Democrats are heading for the lifeboats, "A sense of fatalism is setting in among many, with discussion centering increasingly on how to limit the party’s expected losses rather than how to gain new seats." Meanwhile, the Washington Post is trying to scare people into voting blue. They say the White House has already getting ready for Republican led investigations once Republicans take over Congress, "Senior officials have begun strategizing on how the various White House departments, especially the counsel’s office, may be restructured to respond to an onslaught of investigative requests if Democrats lose control of the House or the Senate in November’s midterm elections, as many in both parties expect."