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Roundtable: AAPI legends Troy Polamalu, Jesse Sapolu on their Samoan culture

Faith, family and culture are front and center within the Polynesian community. That brotherhood is what connects each player of Polynesian decent, from NFL Legend down to the next generation of superstars. In honor of AAPI month, Steve Wyche welcomes two of the most influential Polynesian players in NFL history, NFL Hall of Famer Troy Polamalu and 4-time Super Bowl champion Jesse Sapolu, to share why they are proud to be Polynesian and honor in the family name on the back of their jersey.
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Kings of Camelot: Jesse Sapolu

A quick look around today's NFL and it is easy to see that Polynesian-born players are impacting rosters across the league. One of the names largely responsible for the influx and staying power of these players is none other than 49er legend, Jesse Sapolu, who we will feature in this edition of the Kings of Camelot.
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Jesse Sapolu says John Madden brought football to everyone

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Jesse Sapolu Dishes Hilarious Super Bowl XXIX Story

Jesse Sapolu was known during his 14-year 49ers career as the no-nonsense tough guy who blocked for some of the most iconic plays in NFL history. Sapolu was a well-decorated Pro Bowler at both guard and center, collecting four super bowl rings while winning the Garry Niver Award, the Bobb McKittrick Award (twice), and the Ed Block Courage Award.