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Jesse Jackson comes to SF to speak out against anti-Asian hate

Civil rights leader and former Presidential candidate Jesse Jackson visited San Francisco Chinatown Wednesday to denounce anti-Asian hate. The founder of the Rainbow Push Coalition attended a Solidarity in the Struggle Dinner-from Vincent Chin to George Floyd. Some 300 mostly Asian Americans attended the dinner at Chinatown’s Far East Cafe.
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JESSE JACKSON: Simple Justice — The Tulsa Massacre, Restitution and Reparations

On its 100th anniversary, the 1921 massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has finally come to national attention. The history of the massacre is now known. The damage inflicted clear. The question is, what is to be done to repair the damage?. In the early 20th century, the Greenwood neighborhood in Tulsa,...
Pembroke Township,

Jesse Jackson praises bill making Pembroke Township hardship area

After months of meetings involving Reverend Jesse Jackson, Rainbow PUSH Coalition, community leaders and Illinois elected officials, the Illinois Senate has passed HB3404 establishing Pembroke Township as a designated hardship area. The move is part of an effort to install a natural gas line in Pembroke and Hopkins Park. The...
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Jesse Jackson Warns Voters About Republican Intentions

“Just say no. That seems to sum up the position of Republicans in the Congress these days,” civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson began his column calling out elected GOP officials in the Chicago Sun-Times on Monday. “The scope of what they won’t do is breathtaking,” said Jackson, who noted...

Three decades after Jesse Jackson picketed Annapolis Denny's, activist organizes 'commemorative protest'

May 26—Nearly three decades ago, the Rev. Jesse Jackson protested the Denny's in Annapolis over allegations of discrimination. Next month, an Anne Arundel activist is organizing a "commemorative protest" in Jackson's honor against the 24/7 breakfast spot on West Street to urge the restaurant's corporate ownership to investigate discrimination complaints she says have marred the company for decades.

Greenville: Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks out against Gov. McMaster's decision

GREENVILLE, S.C. — A national civil rights leader with Greenville roots criticized Gov. Henry McMaster Monday. Reverend Jesse Jackson does not like McMaster's decision last week to end additional federal pandemic unemployment benefits by the end of June. "We're proud to be a Christian state, what would Jesus say about...