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Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn have a candid The Talk conversation about her past marriage to John Stamos

The married couple recounted how they began dating when she was separated from Stamos after 10 years of marriage. “Going through a divorce is terrible, it’s awful,” said Romijn, according to Entertainment Tonight. “I was with him for 10 years. Divorce feels like a failure and there were a lot of things that I had to let go of that were very sad.” Romijn added that she recently saw Stamos for the first time since their marriage ended, but didn't speak to him since she was in her car and he was walking by. “When I’m with you personally, and I hear you talk about your ex-husband, it sounds like it was fun,” O’Connell said. “You always have really fun memories.” Romijn responded: “I do, I have a lot of really fun memories. I have a lot of fond memories of him. A lot of things about him that I miss. But yeah, it’s tricky. It’s a very hard decision to come to when you decide to end a marriage. It was heartbreaking.”

Stand By Me: Wil Wheaton Receives Apology From Jerry O'Connell for Not Seeing Abuse

Jerry O'Connell apologized to Wil Wheaton for not recognizing the abuse Wheaton suffered from his parents during Stand by Me's production. O'Connell and Wheaton are both members of the Star Trek family now. Wheaton played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation (though he is not among the returning Next Generation stars in Star Trek: Picard). He also hosts The Ready Room. O'Connell voices Commander Ransom in Star Trek: Lower Decks. But Wheaton and O'Connell have been friends since they worked together filming Rob Reiner's Stand by Me, the 1986 adaptation of Stephen King's short story "The Body."

During "Stand by Me," Wil Wheaton was being abused. Jerry O'Connell didn't know

In 2021, as the seminal film "Stand by Me" celebrated its 35th anniversary, one of its stars came forward with his story. Wil Wheaton, who appeared in the movie as Gordie, a young boy who searches for a rumored dead body with his best friends in 1950s-era Oregon, said in an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment that he never wanted to perform, but his parents forced him. Wheaton said his mother, who was an actor, "made me do it. My mother coached me to go into her agency and tell the children's agent, 'I want to do what mommy does.' "

After Wil Wheaton Opens Up About Trauma He Went Through Filming Stand By Me, His Former Co-Star Jerry O’Connell Reaches Out

Despite being in popular shows and movies like The Big Bang Theory, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Toy Soldiers, actor Wil Wheaton opened up in recent years about the traumatic experiences he had off and on set in Hollywood. But his issues were below the surface as none of his co-stars knew about his pain. The actor kept his problems so secret that his Stand By Me co-stars had no inkling of any trouble. After hearing about Wheaton’s traumatic childhood, Stand By Me’s Jerry O’Connell felt the need to reach out.

Wil Wheaton Shares Touching Moment With Jerry O'Connell After Abuse Apology

Former Stand By Me co-stars Wil Wheaton and Jerry O'Connell shared an emotional moment during Thursday's episode of The Talk. Appearing on the CBS talk show, which O'Connell co-hosts, the longtime friends discussed Wheaton's confession last year that he suffered "emotional abuse" as a child, with O'Connell taking a moment to apologize for "not being there more " for Wheaton amid his childhood abuse.

Jerry O’Connell apologises to Stand By Me co-star Wil Wheaton for not noticing his child abuse

Jerry O’Connell has apologised to his former Stand By Me co-star Wil Wheaton for not realising that he was experiencing child abuse.The actors have remained good friends since starring together as children in the 1986 drama film.Last May, around the 25th anniversary of its cinematic release, Wheaton opened up about what he went through during his childhood, and around the time of filming.He told US press that he suffered through “a combination of an incredible emotional abuse from my father and a lot of manipulation, using me, from my mother”.On Thursday (14 April), O’Connell and Wheaton reunited on an...