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National Treasure 3 Script Is In The Works And Being Sent To Nicolas Cage Soon, According To Jerry Bruckheimer

For the first time in a long time, we may have some actual hope that "National Treasure 3" might just be happening. We're still a pretty long way away from the long-awaited sequel actually getting a green light from Disney, but mega producer Jerry Bruckheimer did just offer an encouraging update on the matter, indicating that Nicolas Cage will hopefully have a script in his hands in the not-too-distant future.
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‘CSI’ Steward Jonathan Littman Exits Jerry Bruckheimer Television After 25 Years

Click here to read the full article. Jonathan Littman is exiting as CEO of Jerry Bruckheimer Televison after a 25-year run with the company that included launching the “CSI” and “The Amazing Race” franchises. Littman plans to segue into his own production company. The split came together amicably between longtime partners. He will remain involved with Bruckheimer TV’s current series including “CSI: Vegas” and “Amazing Race.” Littman was a programming executive at the Fox network when Jerry Bruckheimer recruited him to expand his production company into TV. He’s well-regarded in the industry as a hands-on producer who led Bruckheimer TV to its...

Jonathan Littman Departs Jerry Bruckheimer Television After 25 Years To Launch His Own Company

Click here to read the full article. Jonathan Littman, who helped launch Jerry Bruckheimer Television and has led the prolific TV company for the past 25 years, most recently as CEO, is leaving and plans to launch his own production company. Under Littman’s exit agreement, he will stay involved in several of JBTV’s series, including CSI: Vegas and The Amazing Race, which are the very first two JBTV series (or a followup in the case of Vegas) to get on the air. There is no word on replacement yet. Littman’s departure leaves KristieAnne Reed as the most senior executive at JBTV. “The...

Jerry Bruckheimer Shoots Down Fan Theory About Sean Connery in The Rock

Jerry Bruckheimer has debunked a popular and enduring fan theory about Sean Connery's 1996 film, The Rock. During a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, the Top Gun: Maverick producer was asked by a fan if there had ever been in any thought in the making of The Rock that Connery's character was really a disgraced and disavowed version of James Bond and while the idea has been one that fans have enjoyed and speculated about for years, according to Bruckheimer it was something that never even was considered.

National Treasure 3: Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Teases Third Film With Nicolas Cage

Maybe all hope for a third National Treasure film isn't lost after all. Following two films with Nicolas Cage, the beloved Disney adventure franchise is moving forward with a TV series on Disney+ that stars Lisette Alexis and focuses on a mostly new group of characters. Even Cage has said that the chances of a third National Treasure feature film are slim, given the new TV show. However, franchise producer Jerry Bruckheimer has recently offered an update that has fans hopeful the Cage trilogy will be completed.

Jerry Bruckheimer & His Reign Over Memorial Day Box Office With ‘Top Gun 2’; Whether There’s A 3rd Pic & Next ‘National Treasure’ Movie

Click here to read the full article. Jerry Bruckheimer has plenty to celebrate over Memorial Day weekend, literally watching the long-awaited sequel to 1986’s Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick, beat his previous domestic box office opening record for the holiday previously set by 2007’s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.  The Paramount/Skydance co-production easily won the record Memorial Day opening at the B.O. with $156M (which included previews), unseating Pirates 3‘s $153M opening. Outside of any delay created by the pandemic, why the world had to wait 36 years for the further adventures of Tom Cruise’s Capt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, Bruckheimer tells Deadline it...