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Jerry Brown

TYLER — Jerry Brown passed away on April 6, 2022 in Tyler, TX. He was born on Sept. 3, 1944 in Dallas, TX. A celebration of life for Jerry will be held on April 25 at 6:00 pm at Shadybrook Club House. His funeral service will be held on April 26 at 1:15 pm at DFW National Cemetery where he will be laid to rest. For more information, please go to
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“The Issue Is”: Earth week with Jerry Brown and Jennifer Granholm

LOS ANGELES - It’s Earth Week and "The Issue Is" is going green. To kick things off, Elex Michaelson is joined by former 4-term California Governor Jerry Brown. Brown, who has made environmentalism and climate change the cause of his life’s work, talks the state of the planet, dealing with high gas prices while decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels, and working with China.
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How Gov. Jerry Brown Tricked Voters Into Coddling Violent Felons

It’s an election year and crime has emerged as a major campaign issue, so it’s no wonder that the horrendous shootout between two gang factions in downtown Sacramento that left six people dead has led to much political fingerpointing. Dan Walters. CalMatters. Opinion. Republicans, who have become virtually...
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Veterinarian Jerry Brown Leaves Behind a ‘Profound Legacy’

After being admitted to the hospital unexpectedly, long-time veterinarian Dr. Jerry Brown died after a sudden illness on Feb. 26, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered. Brown grew up in Yelm and moved away for school. He graduated from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1979.
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Climate change, nuclear war occupy Jerry Brown in retirement

WILLIAMS, Calif. (AP) — Former California Gov. Jerry Brown has retired to a rural stretch of Northern California land. But he's as engaged as ever on the topics of climate change and the threat of nuclear war. Both have long animated Brown and are now center stage globally amid...
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Letter | Jerry Brown continuing to work on nuclear threat

Nice piece (March 9) on Jerry Brown, a rare thoughtful politician. I appreciate the work he continues to do to end the threat of nuclear holocaust, which most people have swept under the rug a long time ago, even though the danger grows every day — especially when a power-mad leader like Putin or Trump is in charge of the ultimate weapon.

Climate change is like war, former California Gov. Jerry Brown says

Former California Gov. Jerry Brown is living off the grid in retirement, but he’s still deeply connected on two issues that captivated him while in office and now are center stage globally: climate change and the threat of nuclear war. The 83-year-old Brown, who left office in 2019, serves as executive chairman of the Bulletin […]