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Is Jeri Ryan going to get her own Star Trek spinoff?

Could Jeri Ryan be getting her own Star Trek spinoff?. Star Trek: Picard made a big splash when the first season was announced by bringing back Jeri Ryan to reprise her role of Seven of Nine for the then-new series. Ryan starred in four seasons of Star Trek: Voyager and became so popular that the final Next Generation film, Star Trek: Nemesis, was originally going to feature her as a main character.
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Jeri Ryan And Michelle Hurd Talk “Huge” Season 3 For ‘Star Trek: Picard’

The second season finale of Star Trek: Picard arrives in a few days, but the third (and final) season has already been filmed. Earlier this month it was revealed the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation is reuniting for the next season of Picard, which does open up the question about who from the current cast will be staying on with Sir Patrick Stewart. A couple of the actors are now filling in those gaps.
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Star Trek: Picard's Jeri Ryan Reveals Seven Of Nine's Status For Season 3, But What About The Others?

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Star Trek: Picard’s Season 2 episode “Hide and Seek.” Read at your own risk!. Star Trek: Picard’s latest episode put all the cards on the table, and with only the Season 2 finale left, it’s possible we’ll see a few characters exit at the end of the season. Obviously, fans might have questions about who’s going to stick around for Season 3, but there’s no need to question that for Jeri Ryan after she revealed Seven’s status for the final season.

Jeri Ryan talks getting political under Trump

Despite Donald Trump's past forays into entertainment, the former president wasn't exactly loved in Hollywood — his tenure inspired many celebrities to find their political voices. Star Trek actor Jeri Ryan joins Mehdi to talk about the new season of ‘Star Trek: Picard’ and getting political during the Trump era.April 13, 2022.

Jeri Ryan on saying goodbye to Seven of Nine again

Jeri Ryan had a surprise return as Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Picard. When Star Trek: Voyager ended in 2001, none of the actors could have foreseen the future of Star Trek as they said goodbye to those characters they’d played for all those seasons. Jeri Ryan had only been portraying Seven of Nine for four seasons, and there were plenty of places to go with the ex-Borg drone’s story, places we didn’t get to see. Then she was brought back for Star Trek: Picard, a surprise to the fans who’d fallen in love with her character aboard Voyager. She was given a much different storyline and a chance for the character to grow, but like her time on Voyager had to come to an end, her time on Picard is ending as well.

Star Trek's Jeri Ryan Reveals Why Returning For Patrick Stewart’s Picard Has Been 'The Most Amazing Experience'

Following the conclusion of Star Trek: Voyager in 2001, Jeri Ryan didn’t think she’d get to play Seven of Nine again. Years later, though a conversation with writer James Duff over several glasses of champagne paved the way for her to reprise Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Picard, which brought Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard back into the fold nearly two decades after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis. While playing this beloved Star Trek character again is obviously a big deal for the actress, the actress also recently noted how it’s also been “the most amazing experience” to work with so many women on Picard.

Jeri Ryan talks how she was convinced to bring Seven of Nine back for Star Trek: Picard

Jeri Ryan is back playing Seven of Nine for Star Trek: Picard’s second season. Jeri Ryan rose to stardom due to her four-season run on Star Trek: Voyager. Equal parts sex appeal and undeniable talent, Ryan’s Seven of Nine became a huge focus on the series following her arrival. Her popularity soar and was part of the franchise’s bigger universe plans; with a role set for her in Star Trek: Nemesis that she turned down.

Star Trek's Jeri Ryan Shares How 'Several Glasses Of Champagne' Led To Seven Of Nine's Return In Picard Season 2

Most of the familiar Star Trek faces who have returned for Star Trek: Picard are, understandably, veterans of The Next Generation, with Patrick Stewart reuniting with folks like Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, John de Lancie, Whoopi Goldberg and Jonathan Del Arco. That said, Picard also stars Jeri Ryan, who played Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager Seasons 4 through 7. When Picard started airing on Paramount+ (then called CBS All-Access), it had been almost two decades since Ryan had played the former Borg drone, and it turns out that alcohol played an integral part in bringing her back to the Star Trek franchise.

The Star Trek: Voyager Plotline Jeri Ryan Wishes She Could Do Differently

If you ask someone what their favorite "Star Trek" series is, "Star Trek: Voyager" probably won't be the first choice — or even the second. Debates surrounding the series run hot, from the various characters within its ensemble to how it resolved the story of the U.S.S. Voyager's travels through the Gamma Quadrant. Even the series' stars have their own thoughts on how things were handled; Jeri Ryan, who played fan-favorite character Seven of Nine, is no different.

‘Star Trek: Picard’s Jeri Ryan Reveals How a Borg-Less Seven Changes the Character

On this week’s episode of Star Trek: Picard, titled “Penance”, we got to see a lot of big changes as our characters were thrust into a dark, alternate timeline by the all-powerful Q (John DeLancie). But arguably the biggest change to any individual character, and one that will be sticking around for at least the immediate future is that Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) no longer has her Borg implants.

Jeri Ryan says Star Trek: Picard is done filming after three seasons

"And just like that, it’s done," Ryan tweeted Tuesday. "That’s a series wrap on #StarTrekPicard. So surreal since season 2 has just started airing. I can’t wait for you all to see what’s to come in season 3! Huge love to our incredible cast and crew. What an journey this has been…" There's been no official word on Picard coming to an end, but co-creator and showrunner Akiva Goldsman recently told Rolling Stone Season 3 will be the last season unless something “miraculous” happens.

Star Trek: Picard's Jeri Ryan Confirms Filming Has Wrapped For The Entire Series With Thoughtful Tweet

Star Trek: Picard only just kicked off Season 2, meaning fans have a number of new adventures to look forward to in the coming weeks. The arrival of new episodes is somewhat bittersweet, though, as we're also a step closer to the show's conclusion with Season 3. Now, production on the series has officially ended, news the comes courtesy of Seven of Nine actress Jeri Ryan. And the actress marked the occasion with a thoughtful tweet.

INTERVIEW: Jeri Ryan & Michelle Hurd Talk ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2

Next up in our series of Star Trek: Picard interviews are Michelle Hurd and Jeri Ryan, who play Raffaela “Raffi” Musiker and Seven of Nine, respectively. One of my favorite things about watching the first season of Star Trek: Picard was getting to meet an interesting character like Raffi and the return of one of Star Trek: Voyager’s most interesting characters, Seven of Nine. As many of my #WayBackWednesday posts can attest, I’m a big fan of ladies who can roll up their sleeves, kick butt, take names, and stand up for what’s right. That’s exactly what these two do on Picard.