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Jeremy Shada Goes Track by Track on New Album ‘Vintage’

With his debut album Vintage, released on Oct. 1, 24-year-old Jeremy Shada is paying tribute to love and romance in the modern age. “Vintage is really something special not only because it’s my debut album but because of the overarching theme,” Shada says. “When you listen to Vintage track-by-track and hear how each song connects, an even larger story evolves. We see a man in desperate search for love—something I think is so relatable for listeners. There are ups and downs, heartache, and heartbreak but in the end there is a love that is found and lasts a lifetime. Throughout this journey it’s evident that life isn’t worth living unless it’s with someone you love. Get ready for some catchy bops!”
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Jeremy Shada Gets Us Grooving With 'Pretty Little Lies' off His New Album Vintage

Here’s a cool song with a fun, tongue-in-cheek video. Actor Jeremy Shada gets us grooving with “Pretty Little Lies,” from his debut album, Vintage, releasing today, October 1, 2021. Shada’s strong vocals, infectiously funky groove and totally entertaining performance combine to deliver a lighthearted listen that will get you ready for a fabulous weekend.

New Music Critique: Jeremy Shada

Based on his well-produced recordings, it sounds to us like Shada (known heretofore as an award-winning actor) will also have a viable music career. Voice, material and music all fuse into pop music that is commercially viable. Shada oozes with urgent sincerity and delivers a great falsetto on the pop-dance tune “Dancing with Strangers,” depicting the lonesome nights of a suddenly single man. The arrangement’s ‘80s electro feel is again a factor in the appeal of “This Feels Right,” a terrific slice of contemporary pop. “Bored Together” is a fresh, inventive take on the ideal relationship, depicting a couple whose love has allowed them to surpass the need for entertainent of any kind, entering a zone “where real love is.”

Jeremy Shada Proclaims “This Feels Right” When Dropping New Music

Humans are fundamentally instinctual creatures. Often we will follow our gut and listen to our hearts. This innate decision-making is what lands us a job promotion or solidifies a relationship. For Jeremy Shada, the midwestern-born polymath, it isn’t difficult to trust his intuition. As a result, Shada has found success through his roles as Reggie Peters in Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms and Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time as the voice of Finn. Recently, decorated with several acting awards, Shada stepped into his musical aspirations and it just feels right.
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Jeremy Shada Reveals How ‘Dancing With Strangers’ Blends A ‘Mature Message’ With ‘Electric Energy’

With an explosion of color and some ‘moody dark lighting,’ Jeremy Shada tells a story with ‘Dancing With Strangers,’ and spoiler alert: it gets messy. “R.I.P that leather jacket,” Jeremy Shada says in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, and after watching the video for “Dancing With Strangers,” you’ll understand why. In a great sacrifice for art, Jeremy’s jacket gets covered in colored dust, water, and sparks as he sings his new song. “Dancing With Strangers” is as explosive as the effects that bathe Jeremy in the elements, both with its ‘80s-inspired beat and its hard-hitting introspective lyrics.

Julie and the Phantoms star Jeremy Shada talks his solo music and season 2 renewal chances

Get ready to see — or actually hear — a whole new side of Jeremy Shada. After finding success with his pop-punk band Make Out Monday and rolling out hit after hit in the same genre on his Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms, the actor/musician is releasing solo music for the first time in his career. His new single "Dancing With Strangers" is out now and it's got a much different vibe than what Shada's fans may be expecting. The actor/musician trades his edgier past for a more romantic present with the anti-hookup-culture song that blends modern and vintage sounds. It's unlike anything Shada's released before — and that's exactly what the multi-talented star, who also voiced Finn on Adventure Time, wanted.