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Jeremy Corbyn joins campaign to save Sheffield’s Leadmill: “Get behind it”

Jeremy Corbyn is the latest high-profile name to join the ongoing campaign to save The Leadmill in Sheffield. It comes after the iconic Sheffield venue and club recently told music fans of the “devastating news that in one year’s time, our Landlord is trying to evict us, forcing us to close,” leading to an outpouring of upset and support from the music world.
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Jeremy Corbyn will not be a Labour MP again after attack on Nato, Keir Starmer suggests

Jeremy Corbyn has lost any lingering chance of standing again as a Labour candidate after his attack on Nato, Keir Starmer has suggested.The former party leader was exiled for refusing to retract his insistence that the extent of antisemitism in Labour during the years he led it had been “dramatically overstated”.But he has now clashed with the current leadership by suggesting military alliances such as Nato can build up “greater danger” in the world and should ultimately be disbanded.Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many of his left-wing Labour allies endorsed a Stop The War Coalition statement that condemned “Nato...

‘Difficult’ to see how Jeremy Corbyn could have whip restored, says Starmer

Sir Keir Starmer said it is “difficult” to see how his predecessor as leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, could have the whip restored following his comments on Nato.Last week Mr Corbyn suggested military alliances like Nato could build up “greater danger” in the world and should ultimately be disbanded.The former Labour leader lost the Labour whip in 2020 over his response to the equalities watchdog’s report into antisemitism in the party.Although he was reinstated as a Labour member after a suspension, Sir Keir Starmer has refused to readmit him to the parliamentary party.Sir Keir, asked on the BBC’s...
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Jeremy Corbyn would like to see Nato ‘ultimately disband’

The former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he hoped military alliances like Nato could be ultimately disbanded, saying they could create “greater danger” in the world. In comments that are likely to inflame further tensions with Labour HQ, Corbyn said he did not blame Nato for the Russian invasion of Ukraine but that it had to be looked at in historical context.

Labour is still operating under the shadow of Jeremy Corbyn

One of the most remarkable things about Jeremy Corbyn’s unexpected leadership of the Labour Party is that it did not result in the kind of civil war that many expected. Certainly, there was much drama in those four and a half years when the hard Left gained control, for the first time, of the party machinery and policy. But somehow it managed to limp on through two general election defeats and emerge, in April 2020, with a new, moderate leader, albeit with perilously few MPs.

Russian oligarchs who bankrolled Tories wanted to stop Jeremy Corbyn getting to power, minister claims

Russian oligarchs who have helped bankroll the Tory party were trying to stop Jeremy Corbyn coming to power, a government minister has claimed.James Cleverly insisted there is no need to return the cash – estimated to be nearly £2m from donors who are either Russians, or made fortunes in Russia – despite the invasion of Ukraine.Rejecting the accusation that the funding “smells a bit iffy”, the Foreign Office minister denied that any of it had come to the Conservatives from “Putin’s friends”.Instead, he said: “I imagine some of the people who have fled the oppressive regime of Vladimir Putin...
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Jeremy Corbyn: ‘The left needs to work on a much more global basis’

From endless wars, militarism, and surges in rightwing “populism” to ceaseless capitalist pillage, neoliberal austerity, and botched international responses to COVID-19 and climate change, the events of recent decades should have galvanized the left much more than they have. Instead of representing and fighting for the interests of working people, however, traditional “left” political parties in the West have focused on appealing mainly to the socially liberal sections of the professional middle classes and managing economic decline. Something needs to change. TRNN contributor Radhika Desai speaks with Jeremy Corbyn about the evolution of the UK’s Labour Party in the era of neoliberalism, and about the need for the left to mobilize communities at the local level while building an international political vision.

Jeremy Corbyn backs criticism of Britain for 'provocative' role in Russia-Ukraine crisis

Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday promoted a statement from the Stop The War organisation that criticised the Government for its "provocative role" in the Ukraine crisis. The former Labour leader, a prominent critic of Western interventionist foreign policy, called on the UK to oppose further expansion eastwards of Nato - one of Russia’s key requests in the current stand-off.

Thank God Jeremy Corbyn isn't in charge

There’s an interesting pattern of dialogue that is provoked on Twitter whenever the subject of the 2019 general election is raised. Those of us who switched from Labour to the Conservatives in order to prevent the election of a Jeremy Corbyn-led government are frequently challenged, post-Partygate, to renounce our sins, invited to concede that a government led by the veteran Left-winger, however disastrous, would still have been preferable to the current one led by Boris Johnson.

Jeremy Corbyn is too much of a narcissist to retire

Do you remember the joy in 2017 when Jeremy Corbyn won a stunning election victory? This was just a year after the divisive referendum had been settled and Remain triumphed? Perhaps you don’t, but believe me, there is a corner of social media, and indeed the Labour Party, where these things happened.