Jerami Grant

Do you trade Jerami Grant to get a … young Grant type?

A lot of NBA teams should be interested in acquiring Detroit Pistons forward Jerami Grant this summer. But should general manager Troy Weaver trade him, when they will, hopefully, need a player just like him in the near future?. After making the Western Conference finals, the Denver Nuggets two years...
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League sources claim the Cleveland Cavaliers could be in on Jerami Grant

The Cleveland Cavaliers may have an interest in Jerami Grant. The Cleveland Cavaliers are looking for options this offseason through the trade market, as they’re pretty much tapped out in available cash. The talk has been mostly around re-signing Collin Sexton and re-acquiring Ricky Rubio, but some in the league believe the Cavs may be in on Jerami Grant, the Detroit Piston’s forward who is looking more and more like trade bait.

Syracuse in the NBA: Carmelo Anthony, Jerami Grant on the move?

The NBA playoffs are well underway, but five Syracuse alums aren’t involved this year. With their season’s completed, let’s see how they fared…. Carmelo Anthony. Now in the twilight of his career (19th season), Anthony finished the season averaging 13.3 ppg, and 4.2 rpg in 26.0 mpg. He proved he can still provide a nice offensive spark off the bench, but it likely won’t be for the Lakers next year. As we all saw, the Lakers were perhaps the most disappointing team in the NBA last year, finishing 33-49 and outside of the playoff picture. Anthony figures to be on the move again in the offseason as he chases that ever elusive NBA ring.

Jerami Grant at the top of the Blazers' wish list

The Blazers’ interest in trading at least one of those picks to acquire Detroit Pistons forward Jerami Grant has been one of the worst-kept secrets in NBA circles. “That was a big deal to them,” said a Western Conference official. “The expectation was certainly, ‘Once we get this pick, we’ll turn it into someone. We’ll overpay to get someone.’” Grant seemed to be at the top of their list. He and Lillard have a relationship dating back to their days with Team USA, and they share an interest in playing together once again, sources said.
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Is Jerami Grant a Journeyman or Star?

The Portland Trail Blazers are heading to the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery, and after that into free agency, with far more assets at their disposal than they’ve had over the last eight years. Despite all the new tools to acquire talent, one name keeps popping up: Detroit Pistons forward Jerami Grant. The Blazers have been linked with Grant since the 2022 Trade Deadline, and rumors of a deal between Portland and Detroit are creating buzz leaguewide.