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Jenny Agutter on Bernard Cribbins: ‘He was a very special person to be around’

Bernard Cribbins made firm friends for life when he co-starred as the kindly station porter, Mr Perks, in Lionel Jeffries’ The Railway Children (1970). One such friend was Jenny Agutter, then 17 years old, in one of her earliest film roles. The news of his death is devastating for Agutter. “It’s been a shock,” she admits, “because he seemed like someone who would just go on and on and on and on and on forever. So, so, many people will be sad to lose him.
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Cinema: Jenny Agutter just about keeps this Railway Children sequel on track

WELL, the good news is that Jenny Agutter is a nostalgic joy in The Railway Children Return, looking gorgeous, sounding delicious and generally being everything you might hope the famously petticoat-waving, teenage Bobbie might have become now she’s a distinctly glamorous grandmother. The less good news is that Agutter...
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Jenny Agutter: ‘I was a 16-year-old and I felt very uncomfortable about being naked’

Jenny Agutter is talking to me about getting naked. “It’s not an issue with me,” says the star of BBC’s Call the Midwife, in her softly spoken cut-glass accent. “The exploitation of it is. You can end up naked in places you don’t want to.” We’ve met up in a London hotel to discuss her new film, the decidedly not X-rated The Railway Children Return, but conversation has veered towards the nude scenes she did as a young actor. Now, she explains, “[these scenes have] ended up out of context” on the internet. “That shocks me. Doing it doesn’t shock me.”
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Jenny Agutter, Tom Courtenay & many more on the long-awaited sequel The Railway Children Return

The Railway Children is a film that holds a special place in many a home across the UK. A true classic, it’s known for being a guaranteed tear-jerker – and now, decades on, comes a follow-up. The Railway Children Return, directed by Morgan Matthews connects the old with the new, as joining the many talented child actors, comes the true face of the franchise, Jenny Agutter.

Jenny Agutter says she has one ‘regret’ about doing Walkabout nude scene when she was 16

Jenny Agutter has expressed her one “regret” about doing a nude scene when she was 16.The actor, 69, had just turned the age when she started filming the 1971 film Walkabout, which is set in the Australian Outback. Speaking about the experience, Call the Midwife star Agutter said in a new interview withThe Times: “I was 16, and a young 16. But [director] Nic Roeg showed me pictures and said, we want to create something, a Garden of Eden. For him, it was a really important moment. “But the film, to look at now, is very bleak. How progression...

Empire Podcast #522: Eddie Hamilton, Jenny Agutter

This week's Empire Podcast sees someone new and noteworthy ease themselves into the fourth chair, as Eddie Hamilton, the brilliant editor of Top Gun: Maverick and the forthcoming double whammy of Mission: Impossible 7 and 8, joins the podteam — Chris Hewitt, James Dyer, and John Nugent — for the duration of the show. So, as well as picking Eddie's brains for tales of editing Maverick and getting the odd tip or ten, he joins us to tackle this week's listener question (about the best fourth instalments in film franchises), and discuss the week's movie news (this episode was recorded before news broke of James Caan's death; we'll discuss the legendary Mr. Caan next week), and we think you'll agree that he's a most welcome addition to the team.

Jenny Agutter says it’s ‘wonderful to step back’ into role for The Railway Children

Jenny Agutter has suggested it’s “wonderful” to step back into a role for The Railway Children Return.The actor, who was a teenager when she shot to fame as the oldest of the Waterbury children in the 1970 film, is portrayed as a grown woman in the sequel.“It was wonderful, first of all stepping back into the station, and then meeting this wonderful new generation of Railway Children,” Agutter said.“It didn’t seem like 50 years I have to say, time has gone by like that,” she added, clicking her fingers.Click here to sign up for our newsletters. Read More Love Island’s Jack reveals his father is Ronan Keating during chat with Gemma OwenDrag queen Fatt Butcher spotted sniffing poppers on live TVDrake joins Backstreet Boys on stage for ‘I Want It That Way’ in Toronto

Jenny Agutter stars on the cover of Prima's new July issue

As Jenny Agutter makes her big-screen comeback in The Railway Children Return, she chats about the joy of revisiting one of her best-loved roles. The Railway Children Return movie is set during the Second World War and Jenny's character Bobbie’s family take on a group of evacuees from the Manchester area. "It’s a new generation of railway children, but like the original film, the core theme is children being taken away from their circumstances," says Jenny. "It cherishes the original, but it’s not repetition, it’s a whole new story."

Jenny Agutter felt like no time had passed between Railway Children movies

Jenny Agutter remembers shooting ‘The Railway Children’ “like it was yesterday”. The 69-year-old actress is the only original cast member from the 1970 movie – which was based on E. Nesbit’s book of the same name - to have reprised her role in the upcoming ‘The Railway Children Return’ and she admitted it felt like no time at all had passed when she returned to the same filming location, despite so much having changed in her own life since then.