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‘Sexist pigs’: Woman says she was asked to leave Wetherspoons over ‘inappropriate’ top

A woman has accused a JD Wetherspoon pub in Reading of asking her to leave because of what she was wearing.Mollie Wood made the claims in a TikTok video posted shortly after the incident, which she says took place at the Back of Beyond pub in Reading.Wood was dressed in a black halter-neck crop top and midi skirt and said that, at first, her outfit didn’t seem to be a problem.In the video, which has now been viewed over 471,000 times, she explained how, initially, she and her friend were allowed into the pub chain. But, they were then told...
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17-year old charged for aggravated battery to a nurse.

On Wednesday, June 9th, Galesburg Police were dispatched to St. Mary’s Medical Center in response to a disturbance complaint. According to police reports, a 17-year old Galesburg male came into the Emergency Room complaining of having despondent thoughts. The 17-year old became increasingly agitated and refused to follow a physician’s requests. When the physician told the male to lay on a bed, he grabbed the doctor by the throat. A female nurse came to the physician’s aid where the 17-year old grabbed the nurse by the arm and refused to calm down. The male finally began to calm down after additional hospital staff helped get the male into a hospital bed. The physician sustained a laceration to his hand and his throat during the struggle. The teen was placed under arrest and taken to the Knox County Jail for processing then on to the Mary Davis Home. The teen is facing two counts of aggravated battery to a nurse.
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Juneteenth National Holiday Leaves Black People Unimpressed

The U.S. Senate has voted to make Juneteenth, a day that commemorates the end of slavery in the U.S., a federal holiday. However, prominent Black voices on Twitter have expressed how they feel about the decision, with many saying it is not enough. Criticisms have included the fact that making...
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Who Is Trump Reaching?

“The Republican Party is just a name,” Steve Bannon told me last week. I had called him to ask about the influence he believes his old boss still carries inside the GOP. “The bulk of it is a populist, nationalist party led by Donald Trump.” As for the rest of it? “The Republican Party, pre-2016, are the modern Whigs,” he added, referring to the national party that collapsed in the mid-19th century over divided views on slavery.
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The new, Asian American Velma and why everyone is mad

When a Warner Bros. representative announced last week that “Scooby-Doo” character Velma Dinkley would be reprised as East Asian in Mindy Kaling’s new adult HBO Max show, Twitter went into a frenzy with racist and Scooby traditionalist comments. “Well she’s not Velma then is she,” one person tweeted. “velma’s not...
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Dems want to un-Trump the DOJ — fast

"I’m willing to be patient for a bit," one Democratic senator said of the new attorney general's progress. “But if it doesn’t get better ... I’m going to get pretty impatient."
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Personal Loss and Public Grief in the Aftermath of the Las Vegas Shooting

I was on the sideline of a soccer field two Saturdays ago, watching my 12-year-old daughter and her Novato teammates. I don’t remember much about that game, but Novato won, and one of the goals was scored by the smallest girl on the team, a quick and feisty forward who wears a long ponytail and jersey number 8. We whooped and cheered her name. I found out later that her parents weren’t there that afternoon. They were in Las Vegas for a getaway weekend.
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Russia Conducts Largest Navy Exercise Since Cold War As Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin Meet

The U.S. scrambled three F-22 stealth fighter jets from Hawaii on Sunday in an unscheduled flight that may have been in response to the presence of a Russian Navy exercise. The missile-armed F-22 Raptors were launched from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, according to Honolulu's Star Advertiser, as a Russian fleet carried out exercises in what Russian authorities say is the largest naval exercise since the Cold War.
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Student found guilty over Colorado school shooting that left one dead and eight injured

A jury in Colorado convicted Devon Erickson for his role in the deadly 2019 shooting at the STEM School Highlands Ranch that killed one person and injured eight.Erickson, who was 18 at the time of the shooting, was held guilty for the murder of Kendrick Castillo, the only person to have died during the shooting. Castillo was the first person to have lunged at Erickson in an effort to disarm him when he entered their classroom with a gun, according to multiple media reports. He was fatally shot and several other students injured, as they rushed to overpower the shooter,...
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Piers Morgan calls Chrissy Teigen a ‘hypocritical bully’ and accuses her of shedding ‘crocodile tears’ in apology letter

Piers Morgan has accused Chrissy Teigen of attempting to “con the world into thinking she’s a nice person”. The formerGood Morning Britain presenter, who has been embroiled in several rows with Teigen over the years, was responding to the bullying scandal that has erupted around her in the past few weeks.The TV presenter, food writer and wife of musician John Legend issued a public apology on Monday 14 June after she was accused of sending abusive messages to several fellow celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Stodden. Writing for the Daily Mail, Morgan branded Teigen “the worst kind of...