Jeffree Star

Who is Jeffree Star?

Chances are you've come across Jeffree Star, 36, at some point – whether that's due to his notable social media following or the many controversies tied to his name. He became hugely popular with one of the biggest channels in the YouTube space, which led to his own cosmetic line. Star has, however, been embroiled in countless scandals, controversies and feuds. Who is Jeffree Star? Born in Los Angeles, California, Jeffree Star is a YouTuber, makeup artist, entrepreneur and former singer-songwriter with an estimated net worth of $210 million (£171.4 million). Sign up to our free Indy100 weekly newsletterStar,...

Wyoming’s Jeffree Star Keeps 100 Guns and is ‘Waiting For Someone to Trespass’

Social media influencer Jeffree Starr has a yak ranch in Wyoming and has a 'love' for shooting, according to Insider. This past August (2021), Star made the move from California to Wyoming and recently spoke with popular YouTube star Logan Paul on an episode of Paul's 'Impaulsive' podcast. Star revealed on the podcast that he has 'about 100 guns' on his Wyoming property.

Jeffree Star shares the “truth” about ranch after yak meat scandal

YouTuber, makeup mogul, and now rancher Jeffree Star is opening up about the outrage he’s received online after announcing that his ranch is selling yak meat. In 2020, Jeffree Star moved from his sprawling California mansion to a decidedly less crowded locale in Casper, Wyoming. There, Star purchased a...

Jeffree Star Criticized for Selling Meat From 'Pet' Yaks

Jeffree Star is major facing backlash over his new food venture. Last year, the social media star packed up shop to move from his longtime home of Los Angeles in favor of Casper, Wyoming, where he bought a $1.1 million ranch spanning over 500 acres with 40 yaks. Soon afterwards, Star seemingly got the idea to go full rancher-mode with Star Yak Ranch last August after filing a trademark to sell a bunch of yak-related products, including natural yak fibers, clothing and breeding services, as well as yak meat for both pet and human consumption.

Eating Wyoming: Eating Yak Meat With Cosmetics Mogul Jeffree Star

***For All Things Wyoming, Sign-Up For Our Daily Newsletter***. This past Memorial Day weekend, hundreds of people gathered early in Casper on a Saturday morning so as not to be left out of a big event that was about to take place. An event so HUGE that people lined up for hours to get in.