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The Real Reason Jeff Mauro Thinks Tacos Are Sandwiches

Jeff Mauro made his name competing on Food Network's "Star Competition," participating as none other than the Sandwich King and winning the season. Since then, Mauro has gone on to host a number of cooking shows including "$24 in 24," "The Kitchen," and, of course, "The Sandwich King." Per Mauro's...
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Jeff Mauro Said He Cried While Filming These Scenes For The Kitchen

"The Kitchen" is a long-running talk show that has risen to food infamy. Hosted, as Food Network Gossip notes, by Jeff Mauro, Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Marcela Valladolid, and Geoffrey Zakarian, the show highlights "food trends, recipes, and family meal tips and also have trivia games and Twitter questions from viewers" (though Marcela has since left). It joins the ranks of shows like "The Rachael Ray Show" and formerly "The Chew" as hosted platforms that center, for the most part, around the kitchen.
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Tequila Cazadores presents Tacos After Dark hosted by Jeff Mauro at Miami Design District, Part of the Miami Design District Event Series

Miami, FL – May 20, 2021 – SOBEWFF® fan-favorite tacos and tequila fiesta got a new home this year – in the heart of Miami’s Design District! The Miami Design District is a creative neighborhood and shopping destination dedicated to innovative fashion, design, art, architecture and dining. To celebrate everyone’s...
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Details You Didn't Know About Jeff Mauro

Jeff Mauro started his Food Network career in 2011, when he emerged as the winner of "Food Network Star" Season 7 — pretty impressive for a guy who deliberately confined his craft to delicious sandwiches. Mauro's victory netted him a show of his own, the appropriately-titled "Sandwich King," which he hosted from 2011 to 2014 (per IMDb). And as anyone who's watched Food Network at any point during the last decade can attest, Mauro never really stopped working after that; he went from making appearances on fellow celebrity chefs' shows to judging and co-hosting shows from "The Kitchen" to, as it happens, "Food Network Star." Not bad for a sandwich guy, right?
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Here's What Jeff Mauro Credits With His Weight Loss

Jeff Mauro is a hard-working chef who got noticed for his extraordinary skills on Food Network Star, where he managed to beat a bunch of talented contestants and stand out due to his culinary prowess. As per Food Network, the celebrity chef spent a lot of time and energy focusing on sandwiches and perfecting his recipes on the show, something that added to his unique persona onscreen.
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Here's Why Jeff Mauro Believes It's Important To Let Kids To Order At Restaurants

Celebrity chef Jeff Mauro stole the limelight when he won the Food Network's talent search back in 2011. He made a solid impression on viewers by preparing sandwiches and sticking to simple but delicious recipes, something that won him plenty of admiration from the judges. After his first television appearance, Mauro became increasingly popular and made a name for himself, appearing on popular shows like Cutthroat Kitchen, Beat Bobby Flay, and Guy's Grocery Games.
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Jeff Mauro Says This Surprising Condiment Is Perfect On Eggs

While Jeff Mauro might be the Sandwich King, the Food Network star also has the ultimate condiment tip for eggs, and it might be an option that you haven't tried yet. suggests 13 different popular toppings for eggs ranging from spicy Sriracha to even just ketchup. Although some people might add hot sauce or even some salsa, Mauro prefers to top his eggs with giardiniera, as seen in his recent Instagram post. But, Mauro doesn't use just any giardiniera. He prefers his Mauro Provisions giardiniera.
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The Italian Condiment That Jeff Mauro Claims To Eat Every Day

While the sandwich may seem like a pretty plebian dish, it does have royal roots, having been invented by an Earl. The modern-day heir to the Earl of Sandwich, and current reigning monarch of all things served on bread, is someone who's aspired to an even loftier title, that of Sandwich King. While Jeff Mauro's Food Network show of the same name may have gone off the air in 2014, he's still hanging around the Food Network kitchen, or rather, Food Network's The Kitchen, of which he is one of four co-hosts. While not everything Mauro dishes up is bread-based, he still holds a place in his heart for his favorite on-the-go meal as well as a place in his refrigerator for his favorite sandwich topping: giardiniera.
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Getting to Know Kitchen Crash’s Jeff Mauro: From Comedy To Cooking

Jeff Mauro’s worn a lot of hats during his career — from a chef’s toque to a ball cap — but he’s best known for his cooking shows. From the love of the humble sandwich to a hard-won place in the Food Network Canada roster, Jeff’s sampled a smorgasbord of skills on his way up. Here are 10 things you may not know about the host of the new Food Network show Kitchen Crash.
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Jeff Mauro reveals why Kitchen Crash is Food Network genius

Ahead of the Kitchen Crash debut, Jeff Mauro shares why this Food Network show is must watch food TV. While he might be the Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro is ready to take on a new Food Network challenge. In the new Food Network show, Kitchen Crash, the culinary competition is part mystery box and part everyday home cook struggle. When professional chefs turn those home kitchen ingredients into a delicious meal, many home cooks will be inspired to make something delicious, too.