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Jeff Mauro sings about the new season of “Kitchen Crash”

He may have a lot of jokes, but “Sandwich King” Jeff Mauro is serious about food. This season on his Food Network competition series “Kitchen Crash,” Mauro will ambush more families at their neighborhood block parties. So if you see the “Kitchen Crash” truck in your hood, most likely Jeff is there to surprise you. […]
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Food Network's Jeff Mauro to Pay Tribute to Guy Fieri at South Beach Wine & Food Festival

The 21st Annual Food Network and Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival (SOBEWFF), is returning to Miami on February 24 with proceeds to benefit the future leaders of the hospitality industry. Lee Schrager, the founder and director of the festival, and Food Network star Jeff Mauro joined Cheddar News to discuss what ticket holders can expect, how the festival benefits students, and how Mauro will be paying tribute to fellow food celebrity, Guy Fieri, by hosting a charity auction dinner. "I mean there's nobody bigger, nobody more magnetic right now in the food space than Guy," Maura said. "I mean the guy had a Super Bowl commercial on last night. That's a dream of mine, so I'm one step closer there just by doing a tight 20 minutes at his tribute dinner."
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Watch The Kitchen’s Jeff Mauro Make the Most Tender Short Rib Bourguignon

This classic short rib bourguignon is braised in red wine and beef stock, typically flavoured with carrots, onions, garlic and a bouquet garni. Jeff Mauro’s chef’s kiss? A splash of cognac. Ingredients. Short Rib Bourguignon. 1. Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil. 6. oz slab bacon, rind removed, cut into...

Dry-Brined Herb-Roasted Turkey with Ultimate Go-To Gravy | Jeff Mauro

"The Kitchen" co-host and cookbook author Jeff Mauro shares his easy dry-brining method for juicy, crispy-skinned Thanksgiving turkey every time—plus his go-to gravy recipe!. "I spent years wet brining turkey in giant zip-topped bags or questionably sanitary beverage coolers. Now, I dry brine, which basically means salting the bird and letting it sit for an extended period of time in the fridge. I honestly believe this replicates the magic of wet brining without needing to fully submerge it in water. The turkey is seasoned to the bone, the white and dark meat is as tender as can be and the skin has a chance to dry out to ensure golden-brown crispness every time. I've been told that a lot of the "Food Network" culinary staff make this recipe every year. That alone is the world's best endorsement." –Jeff.

The One Chicago Food Jeff Mauro Thinks Beats Deep-Dish And Hot Dogs - Exclusive

Jeff Mauro's been not-so-secretly waging a campaign to beat deep-dish and hot dogs for years now. It's not that the Chicago chef doesn't like a good pie. The Sandwich King has been known to stuff his chicken with pizza on "The Kitchen" (via YouTube). And hot dogs — Mauro also grew up eating Johnny's Red Hots on North Avenue, which we're told is authentic Chicago (via Chicago Now). He tops his Chicago-style hot dogs with yellow mustard, white onion, pickled hot peppers, and celery-salted fries, as he shared on Food Network. Mauro, by the way, is with Alex Guarnaschelli: Hot dogs are sandwiches. Don't shoot the messenger (via Cheddar News).