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Black Hammer: Jeff Lemire Announces New Colonel Weird Spinoff

Randall Weird is back for some more adventures across the Para-Zone. Wednesday, Jeff Lemire and a roster of superstar comic creators unveiled Colonel Weird and Little Andromeda, another new Black Hammer spinoff focusing on the enigmatic spaceman. Tate Brombal of Barbalien: Red Planet fame returns to the indie superhero franchise to pen the new spinoff, which will feature art from a myriad of artists.
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Jeff Lemire launches second Black Hammer series via Substaack

Jeff Lemire’s Substack Tales from the Farm has announced a second Black Hammer series will be published exclusively on Substack. The weekly series brings together a host of creators to tell self-contained stories within the universe. Joining Lemire is House of Slaughter writer Tate Brombal and Ray Fawkes on a series that’s described as Little Nemo meets The Little Prince.
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Jeff Lemire expands Black Hammer with a second Substack title

Jeff Lemire is expanding the Black Hammer content he's currently offering to subscribers of his Substack newsletter 'Tales From the Farm (opens in new tab),' with a new weekly anthology series featuring the characters Colonel Randall Weird and Dr. James Robinson as they embark on a series of adventures told by writer Tate Brombal, along with a rotating cast of all-star artists.

Black Hammer: Jeff Lemire Announces Surprise OGN, Drops First Five Pages Online

Surprise! A new Black Hammer story no one's ever heard about is already coming straight to your eyeballs. As a part of Substack's organized effort to promote its platform on Monday, Jeff Lemire announced The Last Days of Black Hammer, a prequel series set moments before the first Black Hammer volume.

Eisner Winner Jeff Lemire Signs Exclusive Deal With Image Comics

Eisner Award winning writer and artist Jeff Lemire, best known for comics like Sweet Tooth, The Underwater Welder, and Black Hammer, has signed an exclusive deal with Image Comics. The publisher made the announcement in a press release today, calling Image "his home publisher for all forthcoming projects launching in 2022 and beyond." Much of Lemire's recent creator-owned work has already been published by Image including Descender and Ascender with Dustin Nguyen and Gideon Falls and Primordial with Andrea Sorrentino. Lemire is set to work with both of these artists on two upcoming Image titles, Little Monsters with Nugyen in March and The Bone Orchard Mythos with Sorrentino at a later date.

Jeff Lemire signs "exclusive deal" with Image Comics, with some exceptions

Image Comics has announced that writer/artist Jeff Lemire has signed an "exclusive deal" with the publisher for all his projects in "2022 and beyond." Newsarama has learned that there are some exceptions to the agreement. What this new Image deal will include are the upcoming projects Little Monsters (with Dustin...

Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen To Let Little Monsters Loose at Image Comics in 2022

Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen, the creative team behind the hit Descender and Ascender series, have announced their next Image Comics project, Littles Monsters. The new series is akin to Lord of the Flies with vampires, following the last children living on Earth, though "living" may not be the right word. These vampiric children have lived out what feels like an eternal youth amongst the remnants of human society's fading achievements. But even a vampiric childhood must come to an end as they discover when surprising events splinter the group, setting them on a new path from which they cannot return. What comes next will change them for the rest of their eternal lives.

Jeff Lemire Teases End of Black Hammer Series

Comic book fans may have one less item on the pull list in the near future as Eisner Award winner Jeff Lemire has taken to Instagram to tease that his Black Hammer franchise might be wrapping up. Lemire posted a photo of his computer screen simply captioned "??!" and showing off a document whose header reads "BLACK HAMMER: THE END Series Bible - Jeff Lemire September 2021." Below this we can also glimpse a line that seemingly reads "Black Hammer: The End : Series Outlines." As Black Hammer readers may recall we're currently in the midst of "Phase II" of Lemire's superhero titles, perhaps meaning that "The End" will be the third and final phase.

Mazebook #1 Review: Another Spellbinding Debut From the Labyrinthine Mind of Jeff Lemire

Essex County, Sweet Tooth, Moon Knight, and Plutona are just some of the many stories from the mind of Jeff Lemire that turned out to be much larger than readers initially expected. Only one issue in, you better prepare to add Mazebook to that list as another mind-bending tale promising to cross space and time despite taking the appearance of a grounded and gritty tale.

Jeff Lemire brings Black Hammer & his next graphic novel to Substack

Writer/artist Jeff Lemire has joined a growing number of comic creators to partner with the online platform Substack to serialize new original comics ahead of their traditional debut via a paid subscription newsletter - although for Lemire, it's more than that. Lemire plans to serialize two major projects - an...

Sweet Tooth Creator Jeff Lemire Wishes He Had the Show's Original Characters in the Comics

Like most adaptations, Netflix's Sweet Tooth takes a few liberties from Jeff Lemire's original comic book series. Some stories are expanded on, some characters and situations are built on smaller ideas from the comics, and others are entirely new creations for the live-action show. Aliza Vellani's Rani Singh, Stefania LaVie Owen's Bear, and Dania Ramirez' Aimee Eden are all brand new for the show and not found in Lemire's comics, but if he had his druthers he'd have liked to put them in there if he could. Speaking with in a recent interview, we asked Lemire his feelings on the new additions and he's all in favor of them.

Sweet Tooth creator Jeff Lemire says he’s burnt out on the post-apocalypse

Netflix’s Sweet Tooth is a surprising departure from its source material, the comic series written and drawn by Jeff Lemire. But unlike most comic book adaptations that change a lot in the transfer, it’s not about simplified character origins or costume tweaks. Sweet Tooth has a vastly different tone in...

Why Netflix's Sweet Tooth Changed So Many Details From The Comic Book, According To Creator Jeff Lemire

Mild spoilers below for the Netflix series Sweet Tooth, so be warned if you haven't yet watched!. Netflix's Sweet Tooth is currently the most popular TV show on the streaming service, and for good reason, since it's an epic and darkly delightful adventure. The live-action adaptation compares quite favorably to the source material from comic book creator Jeff Lemire, who served as a writer and consultant on the series. But anyone familiar with the comics likely noticed just how many changes were made from the original story.

How Netflix's Sweet Tooth Inspired Jeff Lemire to Return to the Comic Series

When cameras started rolling on the pilot of Sweet Tooth back in 2019, Jeff Lemire's Vertigo comic series had been fully wrapped up for at least seven years. As readers already know, the Eisner Award winning writer and artist went back to Sweet Tooth after almost ten years when he published Sweet Tooth: The Return as a six-issue miniseries through DC Black Label in November of 2020, and it was in part thanks to being on the set of the TV Series. Speaking with during a junket for the Netflix show, Lemire said that he never wanted to ruin the ending he wrote for Gus in the comics but seeing it come to life got his mind working in the world again.

Sweet Tooth's Nonso Anozie Reveals the Secrets Comic Creator Jeff Lemire Told Him

Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth comic series may recall that the Tommy Jepperd seen in the books was kind of modeled after another popular character, Marvel's Frank Castle aka The Punisher. For Netflix's TV adaptation some changes have been made, British-Nigerian Actor actor Nonso Anozie takes on the part and even though he doesn't have the grizzled old white guy look at all, he's just as dangerous and intimidating on screen as Jepperd is on the page. Considering the major changes, we asked Anozie if he read the comics to prep or just waited for the scripts, and like so many of us he said himself that he's "a comic book boy."