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Why Netflix's Sweet Tooth Changed So Many Details From The Comic Book, According To Creator Jeff Lemire

Mild spoilers below for the Netflix series Sweet Tooth, so be warned if you haven't yet watched!. Netflix's Sweet Tooth is currently the most popular TV show on the streaming service, and for good reason, since it's an epic and darkly delightful adventure. The live-action adaptation compares quite favorably to the source material from comic book creator Jeff Lemire, who served as a writer and consultant on the series. But anyone familiar with the comics likely noticed just how many changes were made from the original story.
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How Netflix's Sweet Tooth Inspired Jeff Lemire to Return to the Comic Series

When cameras started rolling on the pilot of Sweet Tooth back in 2019, Jeff Lemire's Vertigo comic series had been fully wrapped up for at least seven years. As readers already know, the Eisner Award winning writer and artist went back to Sweet Tooth after almost ten years when he published Sweet Tooth: The Return as a six-issue miniseries through DC Black Label in November of 2020, and it was in part thanks to being on the set of the TV Series. Speaking with during a junket for the Netflix show, Lemire said that he never wanted to ruin the ending he wrote for Gus in the comics but seeing it come to life got his mind working in the world again.
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Sweet Tooth's Nonso Anozie Reveals the Secrets Comic Creator Jeff Lemire Told Him

Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth comic series may recall that the Tommy Jepperd seen in the books was kind of modeled after another popular character, Marvel's Frank Castle aka The Punisher. For Netflix's TV adaptation some changes have been made, British-Nigerian Actor actor Nonso Anozie takes on the part and even though he doesn't have the grizzled old white guy look at all, he's just as dangerous and intimidating on screen as Jepperd is on the page. Considering the major changes, we asked Anozie if he read the comics to prep or just waited for the scripts, and like so many of us he said himself that he's "a comic book boy."
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Jeff Lemire and Tyler Crook Are Launching a New Black Hammer Spinoff

Jeff Lemire and Tyler Crook Are Launching a New Black Hammer Spinoff. There’s a new superhero team coming to the Black Hammer universe. With help from artist Tyler Crook, Jeff Lemire is launching the next spinoff from his acclaimed creator-owned series. Dark Horse has just shared the first details for The Unbelievable Unteens, which debuts later this year.

Exclusive Cover Reveal and Preview Pages from Issue #3 of Jeff Lemire and Jock’s Comic Book Series SNOW ANGELS

"You must never leave The Trench. The Trench provides. The Trench is endless." These are the three rules the arctic survivors known as The Trenchfolk must abide by to survive and please their Gods known as The Colden Ones in Jeff Lemire and Jock's comic book series Snow Angels. A comiXology Originals series, the third issue of Snow Angels will be released digitally on April 20th, and we're thrilled (and chilled) to exclusively reveal the cover and preview pages from the upcoming issue ahead of its release!

Black Hammer's Jeff Lemire on Black Hammer: Reborn and Future of Shared Superhero World

Over the past year or two, Jeff Lemire and a wide array of creators have crafted a handful of spin-offs helping to flesh out the Black Hammer universe. Now, it's going back to the basics for the creator and his new collaborators. In June, Black Hammer: Reborn will hit shelves feature the return of Lucy Weber as the primary character of this tale.
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INTERVIEW: Jeff Lemire & Caitlin Yarsky talk BLACK HAMMER: REBORN

Jeff Lemire‘s Black Hammer has been without its main series for over a year now. Since the end of Black Hammer: Age of Doom in 2019, the world of the series has continued to expand in spinoff series like Colonel Weird: Cosmagog, Barbalien: Red Planet, and Skulldigger + Skeleton Boy. This summer, the flagship series returns with the debut of Black Hammer: Reborn, which picks up twenty years after the end of Age of Doom with Lucy Weber, aka Black Hammer, having apparently retired from the role.


Dark Horse Comics announced the Black Hammer: Reborn ongoing series, which releases its first issue on June 23. The Eisner Award-winning series (see "'Saga' Stands Out at the 2017 Eisners") created by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston returns with a new ongoing series that starts 25 years after the Age of Doom. Black Hammer and Spiral City’s superheroes sacrificed themselves to defeat the Anti-God in 1986, but Lucy Weber, the daughter of Black Hammer, refused to believe they were dead. Lucy, who took up the mantle of Black Hammer, is now living in the suburbs of Spiral City, is married, and has children. However, her domestic life starts falling apart and she picks up the Black Hammer once again.

Snow Angels: Jeff Lemire to Introduce the World in Prose Short Story

When Snow Angels launches next week, two of the most acclaimed creators of our time — writer/artist Jeff Lemire and artist Jock — will team up for the first time, bringing a new, 10-issue limited series event together. The series, from the writer of Black Hammer and Gideon Falls and the artist of Wytches and Batman, will be an epic science fiction adventure story, set in a brutal near-future where the world is covered in ice. And to celebrate the release, Amazon Original Stories, an imprint of Amazon Publishing, will simultaneously release a short story that will help establish the world of the series.
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Jeff Lemire and Jock's New Comic Snow Angels Ventures Into a Great Unknown

We’ve got a look inside for you today. Well, more like a look outside. io9 has your first look at the pages of Snow Angels, a new Comixology original series pairing writer Jeff Lemire and artist Jock for the first time. The sci-fi series follows two young girls, Milliken and Mae, part of a group of humans known as The Trenchfolk—a mysterious society of people who have taken up roots inside the vast ice walls of a ginormous trench on a frozen world. The Trenchfolk don’t leave their walls, and strict rules dictate that its people never venture beyond what they believe is a seemingly endless protector.