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Overwatch dev reveals what Jeff Kaplan really wanted Overwatch 2 to be

With all sorts of new drama rocking Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch Producer Tracy Kennedy revealed a tidal wave of new information about the state of the game including former Director Jeff Kaplan’s vision of Overwatch 2. Jeff Kaplan was one of the biggest voices in the gaming community before he left...
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Jeff Kaplan, River Capital Group

Jeff Kaplan will lead RCG Ventures' active investments strategy, helping small and midsize companies scale and bring innovations in blockchain, extended reality, AI, big data, IoT, and workforce services to market. In addition to funding, RCGV blankets partners with ops, sales, and marketing support, access to a global business development pipeline, hands-on guidance from an elite leadership team, and other resources to ensure success. RCGV invests in the people building tomorrow's tech, today.

Blizzard appears to remove Jeff Kaplan references from ‘Overwatch 2’

Overwatch 2 appears to be cutting down on references to ex-director of Blizzard, Jeff Kaplan, in the new overhaul of the New York map. Following Kaplan’s departure from Blizzard in April, development of Overwatch 2 has continued with Aaron Keller in the lead role. Kaplan had been there from Overwatch’s inception, and many were surprised to see him go after 19 years with the company.

Blizzard seemingly removes a reference to Jeff Kaplan in Overwatch 2

Fans on Reddit have noticed that a reference to former Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has been removed from the upcoming sequel’s New York City map. Players spotted that the Sept. 25 Bastion Rework announcement video for Overwatch 2 shows the pizza shop formerly called Jeph’s Corner Pizza is just Corner Pizza.

Overwatch 2 Erases All Mention of Jeff Kaplan Following New Reference Protocol

The Overwatch 2 team has moved to erase all mention of Jeff Kaplan, widely regarded as the creator of the game, from its maps. The scrubbing of any reference to the former vice president was brought to light through the official Competitive Overwatch subreddit. In a post published by user CeeLo38 on Sunday, Sept. 26, they pointed out the difference in the Corner Pizza sign on Overwatch's New York City map. Their post was accompanied by an image contrasting the two storefronts—one from previously released PvP preview footage and the other from the Bastion rework.

Overwatch Executive Producer Chacko Sonny Follows Jeff Kaplan in Leaving Blizzard

More bad news today for the Overwatch team and the seemingly-troubled Overwatch 2, as the franchise’s longtime executive producer Chacko Sonny has reportedly left Blizzard. This departure comes amid bruising accusations of discrimination and harassment at Activision Blizzard and only months after Overwatch director and franchise figurehead Jeff Kaplan left the company.

Overwatch 2 map includes Easter egg tributes to Jeff Kaplan

Former Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan may have left Blizzard Entertainment, but his legacy — specifically, a goof about his name — will live on in Overwatch 2. During a gameplay livestream of Overwatch 2 on Thursday, new game director Aaron Keller, lead hero designer Geoff Goodman, and associate art director Dion Rogers showed off multiple maps coming to the hero shooter, including New York, Toronto, Rome, and Monte Carlo.

Overwatch 2 adds classy Jeff Kaplan tribute with NYC map easter egg

Overwatch 2 has paid tribute to former Game Director Jeff Kaplan with a brilliant coffee cup easter egg on the brand new NYC map. After Jeff Kaplan left Blizzard back in April, a lot of Overwatch fans were concerned about the direction that the game would take following his departure.
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Silver Linings: Meryl and Jeff Kaplan

Both coming from the health care field, Meryl and Jeff Kaplan share more than just professional interests. The University Heights couple also shares a love of volunteering together during their retirement. Meryl Kaplan volunteers at Montefiore at Menorah Park, helping with bingo, services, hand massages and other small activities. At...

Overwatch 2 release date continues to be shaky after Jeff Kaplan departure

When Jeff Kaplan announced that he was leaving Blizzard, Overwatch fans were quite emotional. Who would awkwardly do interviews at the Overwatch League or sit in front of a fireplace for hours? But most importantly, what would happen to Overwatch 2?. Updates and support for Overwatch slowed down significantly this...