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Jeff Hardy Thinks A Face Off With CM Punk In AEW Would Be A Huge Moment

In an interview with Wrestling with Freddie (via Fightful), Jeff Hardy said that he thinks there’s money in having him face off with CM Punk in AEW. The two haven’t shared a ring together since their feud in 2009. Hardy would leave WWE and by the time he came back, Punk was also gone, having departed in 2014.
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Jeff Hardy Says His Rivalry With CM Punk Will Return in AEW

Jeff Hardy spoke out on possibly renewing his rivalry CM Punk now that both men are working for AEW, during an appearance on the Wrestling With Freddie podcast:. “[Winning the World Championship] was like a little boy’s dream come true, man. God, and then to do it over and over again. One of my favorite things, as far as being the World Champion, was working with CM Punk. It’s so crazy that we’re in the same company now and there’s a huge moment between me and Punk. It’s going to come, I’m sure,” he said. “I think there’s a huge moment, just in the hallway, like me and Matt beat The Young Bucks or whatever at whatever pay-per-view is coming up, or whatever happens, but then we run into him, and me and Punk just have a face-off.”

Jeff Hardy Teases Potential CM Punk Encounter In AEW

On this week’s Wrestling with Freddie podcast from iHeart Media’s My Cultra Network, Jeff and Matt Hardy joined Freddie Prinze Jr. to discuss their time in WWE, as well as their current run in AEW. Prinze Jr. reflected on Jeff’s World Heavyweight Championship feud with CM Punk in...

Jeff Hardy Has Collaborated With Danhausen To Create Spoof Of ‘The Fiend’

AEW’s Jeff Hardy was a recent guest on the AEW Unrestricted podcast where he spoke about meeting Danhausen. The two charismatic wrestlers spoke about a potential character idea. This would be a nod to The Fiend, with Danhausen wanting to play, ‘The Friend.’. “Me and Danhausen talked about...

Jeff Hardy Thinks There’s a Chance His Willow Persona Could Appear in AEW

– On the latest edition of AEW Unrestricted (via Fightful), Jeff Hardy commented on possibly reviving his Willow character possibly appearing in AEW at some point. Hardy said on the topic, “Yes, of course there is [a chance Willow could appear in AEW] but not with House of Black. He is [inside of Jeff] and that’s it. When he comes out to play, he comes out and it’s going to be exciting.”

Jeff Hardy Says He and Danhausen Came Up With a Fiend Parody, Talks Face Paint

Jeff Hardy has come up with a variety of personas over his career, and he noted recently that he and Danhausen recently talked about a parody of WWE’s Fiend character for the latter AEW star. You can check out a couple new highlights from Hardy’s appearance on AEW Unrestricted below, per Wrestling Inc:

Jeff Hardy Reveals Biggest Difference Between AEW and WWE, Talks Tony Khan

Jeff Hardy made an appearance on AEW Unrestricted to discuss a wide range of topics. Here are the highlights:. Meeting Tony Khan: “I met Tony Khan at Ric Flair’s anniversary party with Wendy. He said, ‘I own this company called AEW.’ I was like, ‘What? You’re that guy?’ We had such a good time over that weekend. It was amazing. I love Ric Flair like crazy. Because of Ric, I met Tony early on, but before the 90 days, we didn’t talk at all.”