Jeff Buckley

Jeff Buckley: An OC Musician for the Ages

Orange County has given us incredible talent, which we have a lot to be proud of. Artists that broke through social pressure with their wild ingenuity, who hungered for something more than our picturesque sandy shores and amusement parks that drove them to unimaginable success, who grew up with the same groves and beaches we did. We’ve been home to old souls who can write songs that touch our hearts.
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Last Goodbye: Some Notes on the Death and Legacy of Jeff Buckley

A fascinating American pop cultural fable, yet to receive a worthy cinematic adaptation, the life and career of Jeff Buckley is as saturated in fate’s cruel indifference as his music. The son of cult singer/songwriter Tim Buckley (whom Jeff met only once, when he was a child), the younger Buckley rose from what he described as a “rootless trailer trash” upbringing in Southern California to the coveted status of ’90s alt rock idol, synthesizing the spiritual versatility of his vocals and inherent songwriter’s sensibilities with the blood-and-thunder guitar-driven arena rock sound of his generation’s largest acts. After relocating to New York City from California, Buckley (following in the footsteps of his late father) became a prominent presence within the Greenwich Village music scene, performing at legendary venues such as Sin-é, before rising to greater mainstream prominence with the release of his sole studio album Grace in 1994, which remains among the most acclaimed and influential recordings of its decade.

Jeff Buckley: Grace - Album Of The Week Club review

Jeff Buckley copycats might mimic the angel voice, but they’re missing the point: the late Californian had eclectic tastes – Led Zeppelin, Al Di Meola, The Smiths… and his sole album mixed moments of drowsy beauty, So Real, with bombastic rock, Eternal Life, and reworked Middle English hymns, Corpus Christi Carol.