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Jeff Beck of Leaf Home Solutions: “Companies ignoring agility”

We saw record growth in 2020, largely due to our technology and data insights. For example, our data allows us to see which ads will perform best in which markets and tailor them appropriately. Our “spring is coming, you need to get your house ready” ad performs best in the southeast part of the country when we include shots of people cleaning pine needles; in California, the homes need to have terracotta roofs. We overlay that with who we are serving the ad to — if we’re targeting younger couples, the ad text needs to be about spending less time on your weekend cleaning your gutters; if we show an older couple, the message can be about ladder safety. Our data helps us make these marketing decisions faster and more strategically.

Eddie Van Halen vs. Jeff Beck—Blow by Blow

Dweezil and Jennifer Batten examine El Becko's influence on Van Halen and dive deep on 1984. The 30-episode podcast will be available exclusively through and packages will include listening parties, Q&A sessions, "Brown Sound" bonus episodes, custom Axe-FX, Helix, and Kemper presets, a 1-year subscription to Premier Guitar, and much more.
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4 guitar tricks you can learn from Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck’s debut album, Truth, was recorded in two sessions and a total of four days in May 1968, after he resisted putting out any more solo singles in the Mickie Most approved Hi Ho Silver Lining vein. These days, most conversations about Jeff begin with how he has maintained...
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Jennifer Batten’s Guitar Cloud “Heroes” event to teach techniques from EVH, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Joni Mitchell

Given that Eddie Van Halen once asked Jennifer Batten to show him how to play his own Beat It solo, we can assume she knows a thing or two about teaching electric guitar. More recently, Batten, who has played in Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck’s bands, has hosted the Guitar Cloud Symposium online lesson series. Now she’s just announced the newest Guitar Cloud event – a Deep Dives “Heroes” session decoding the techniques and creative strategies of four guitar legends: Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Joni Mitchell.