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Jeb Bradley: Legislative wrap up

The recently completed two-year legislative session has been challenging but extremely productive.

 In 2021 the New Hampshire Senate began with remote hearings and sessions on Zoom to protect everyone from COVID-19. New Hampshire became one of the top 10 states for residents receiving at least one COVID vaccine and as a result, the Senate was able to resume sessions in the Senate Chamber in 2022.
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Sens. Chuck Morse and Jeb Bradley: Republicans delivered results, Democrats delivered inflation

AT THE BEGINNING of the year, we promised that the New Hampshire Senate would “focus on the needs of working families.” We did that, and we delivered results. All year, rising inflation has squeezed household budgets, made it harder to fill our gas tanks, and more expensive to put food on the table. Since the Legislature can’t reduce out-of-control federal spending that has fueled inflation or open up domestic oil fields to lower gas prices, we looked for ways to provide relief. Fortunately, years of conservative fiscal management has given New Hampshire a growing economy and a healthy state surplus. We’ve focused on sending some of that surplus back to cities and towns to lower local property tax rates.
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Sens. Chuck Morse & Jeb Bradley: Fighting inflation with state surplus revenues

THANKFULLY, New Hampshire’s economy is growing. But inflation is at a 40-year high, and soaring gas and energy prices are taking a big bite out of the wallets of New Hampshire families. Over the past decade, Republicans in the state Senate have safeguarded the New Hampshire economy by limiting spending growth and cutting taxes, resulting in booming revenues that we can now use to help Granite Staters fight inflation. As the Union Leader recently wrote, our plan “is more akin to the fiscal responsibility that Granite Staters expect.”
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Chuck Morse and Jeb Bradley: Senate will focus on the needs of working families

AS WE START the new legislative session, the people of New Hampshire can count on Republicans to focus on the issues that matter most to our working families and Main Street businesses. We’re living in serious times and serious times deserve real action. That’s why Republicans plan to deliver conservative, common-sense legislation that will continue to move New Hampshire forward, building on the strong gains we made in 2021.

State Sen. Jeb Bradley: Housing and STRs

In the 2022 legislative session, housing is a top concern. Workforce housing and short-term rentals (STRs) will dominate discussions. Recently, Rick Fabrizio, communications director of the Business and Industry Association said, “There may not be a greater long-term threat to New Hampshire’s economy than the lack of a diversified housing stock. Employers are struggling to fill open positions, and soon it will slow the overall economy. The lack of affordable housing with a reasonable commuting distance to work is a contribution adding to staffing difficulties employers face.”