Jeanette Lee

Jeanette Lee

Mrs. Jeanette Lee, a resident of Carriere, Miss., passed away Saturday, June 18, 2022, in Poplarville, Miss., at the age of 78. Mrs. Lee is survived by her son, Brian S. Lee (Melody); two grandchildren, Lyndsey and River Lee; a brother, Joel D. (Patti) Thigpen; and three sisters, Brenda Walker, Sue (James E.) Whittington and Bonnie Hebert. She is also survived by numerous nieces and nephews.

‘Black Widow’ Jeanette Lee one year after Stage 4 cancer

Jeanette Lee, the woman who earned the nickname Black Widow because, at the pool table, she was known to “eat her opponents alive,” sat in a New York hospital bed, turned on Facebook live and gave 180,000 people who hung on her every word an update. January 2022,...

Jeanette Lee Confirms Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis: 'I'll Never Give Up'

Jeanette Lee is not backing down from her fight against ovarian cancer. News broke of billiards legend's diagnosis when a GoundFundMe page was created by her friends. "The Black Widow" then released a statement confirming the news. “I intend to bring the same resolve I brought to the billiards table...

‘Black Widow’ Jeanette Lee has Stage 4 ovarian cancer

Sad news was revealed on Thursday regarding former pool player Jeanette Lee, who was best known as the “Black Widow” in the billiards world. Lee’s representatives revealed that the former pool star has Stage 4 ovarian cancer. Her agent described Lee’s prognosis as “dire.”. The 49-year-old rose to fame in...
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Jeanette Lee, ‘Black Widow’ pool legend, diagnosed with terminal cancer

Jeanette Lee, the famous billiards player who earned the nickname “The Black Widow,” is in a fight for her life. Lee, 49, has been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, she announced Wednesday. Her close friends started a GoFundMe page that revealed doctors said she had a few months to a year left to live.

Jeanette Lee, 'Black Widow' of billiards, has ovarian cancer

NEW YORK - Jeanette Lee, the iconic former No. 1-ranked billiards master whose moves were ubiquitous on ESPN's pool broadcasts in the 1990s, has announced that she has advanced ovarian cancer. Lee, a Brooklyn native whose friends gave her the nickname the Black Widow, has stage 4 ovarian cancer, according...

Billiards legend Jeanette Lee reveals she has terminal cancer

Famous billiards player Jeanette Lee, who's known as The Black Widow," revealed she has terminal cancer. Lee unveiled that she was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer in a statement per the American Poolplayers Association. “I intend to bring the same resolve I brought to the billiards table to this...