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‘All in the Family’: Jean Stapleton Revealed She Was Ignored When She Appeared on ‘Hollywood Squares’

When All in the Family comes up, many people immediately think of Archie Bunker. His bigotry and the way he dealt with his family made for thousands of laughs over the years. He remains at the top of many lists of favorite television characters. However, the real comedy came from Archie’s wife and perfect foil, Edith. Think about it. If Edith wouldn’t have been so sweet and well-meaning, Archie would have been more off-putting than funny. Jean Stapleton was a masterful actress with a long career before she was Edith Bunker. But, like many people who step into high-profile roles, fans couldn’t see Jean without seeing her “dingbat” character from All in the Family.

‘Archie Bunker’s Place’: Jean Stapleton Revealed How Edith Bunker’s Death Was Written into Show

Archie and Edith Bunker shared a long, if at times, dysfunctional marriage on “All in the Family.” But all that changed in the spinoff “Archie Bunker’s Place.”. Bunker found himself a widower after his wife Edith died off-screen from a stroke during Season 2 of the spinoff. For fans of “All in the Family” who watched the couple for almost a decade, the episode was very emotional. But Edith actor Jean Stapleton revealed that Edith’s death was always the plan.

‘All in the Family’: Sally Struthers Described Emotional Visit with Jean Stapleton Before Her Death

When it comes to legendary on-screen relationships, All in the Family had them in spades. Vibrant characters created incredible dynamics. This was due to a cast that was committed to creating an innovative and hilarious show. Creator Norman Lear’s genius was on full display, and his team execution was so good that it is still beloved nearly half a century later.

‘All in the Family’ Star Jean Stapleton Turned Down Lead Role for ‘Murder, She Wrote’: Here’s Why

Could you see Jean Stapleton of “All in the Family” portraying murder-solving author Jessica Fletcher? It came pretty close to happening. Stapleton, who made a name for herself as Edith Bunker on the long-running CBS sitcom, was offered the lead role for another CBS series. That was “Murder, She Wrote.” Stapleton turned down the role, which eventually went to veteran Broadway and movie star Angela Lansbury.