Jean Michel Jarre


Is this a low-budget Jean-Michel Jarre gig which I see before me?

There is much to commend in director Amy Leach’s new production of Macbeth for Leeds Playhouse. In Jessica Baglow, it boasts a Lady Macbeth who is by turns powerfully persuasive and grievously distressed. In Tachia Newall, it has a raw, emotional Macbeth who is one moment ruminative and self-debating, and the next the embodiment of the violence of a cornered wildcat.
Sonic State

Jean-Michel Jarre Live In Notre-Dame

Happy New Year! What better way to celebrate than watching a live show from Jean-Michel Jarre, recorded last year in the Notre-Dame cathedral? This ground-breaking live performance entitled 'Welcome To The Otherside' combines life-like concert visuals in VR with a real live studio performance - a mixed-media approach which was the first of its kind.

Jean-Michel Jarre: "I always considered stereo to be a fake process, created in the ‘30s, just to produce a sense of space"

We sat down with the legendary composer to talk through his new live album and his fascination with immersive sound and VR technology. Jean-Michel Jarre likely needs no introduction. As one of the most prolific and successful composers to work in electronic music, it’s no exaggeration to say that he’s played a pivotal role in the development of the genre over the past five decades.