Jean Jullien

SALUT! Jean Jullien Says Hi to New York City in New Pop-Up

From May 24—29, 2022, Gallery Getrude will present Salut!, a solo show by Jean Jullien in New York City created in conjunction with his eponymous debut monograph published by Phaidon Books. On the heels of multiple international exhibitions for the Paris-based artist, Jullien continues his portrayals of everyday life, through depictions of coastal and countryside landscapes, with a dichotomy of familial moments and solitary introspective scenes. An opening reception will be held at Gertrude’s pop-up location at 2 Rivington Street in NYC on May 24, 2022 from 6—8pm.
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Explore The Delightful Personal, Collaborative And Public Life And Work Of Artist Jean Jullien In Upcoming Phaidon Survey

After living in lockdown, we’ve transformed how we interpret and interact with private and public spaces, interiors and exteriors. We’ve learned that art, in all of its forms, including public displays and accessible commercial creations, is more meaningful than ever. We need art to connect with others, to understand ourselves and our environments and relationships, and to find solace amid deadly pandemics, geopolitical unrest, and ongoing social strife. Sometimes, the simplest images and ideas offer the most profound answers and anecdotes. Art that manipulates scale and navigates the nebulous oscillation between perceived reality and our imaginations is most essential in precarious times.
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Jean Jullien Gives Motion and Sound to the Ocean With New "Chut" Exhibition

Now on view at Kantor Gallery. Following a jam-packed 2021 filled with group and solo exhibitions as well as his own monograph published with Phaidon, Jean Jullien showcases a new series of works for his latest exhibition with Kantor Gallery. The French visual artist is known for his humorous yet charming paper-like characters but has also displayed scenic works that are just as alluring.

Artist Jean Jullien Designed a Cat-Themed Card Game

You’ve stocked up on buckets of laser-pointers and feathers-on-a-stick for your cat’s entertainment; now it’s time to treat yourself. Kooky Cats, the newest product from Yolky Games, is a tabletop card game that promises hours of family-friendly fun — and with over 50 cartoony felines illustrated by French artist Jean Jullien, it’s perfect for the cat-obsessed player.

Jean Jullien Will Unveil a New Solo Exhibition at Tokyo’s Parco Museum

Presented by NANZUKA and on view from September 17 to October 3. Acclaimed French artist, Jean Jullien, will unveil a solo exhibition at Tokyo’s Parco Museum on Friday, September 17. “PAPER PEOPLE” is curated by NANZUKA and features the artist’s love for manga culture through various scenes that depict the beauty and ridiculousness of daily life.

Jean Jullien paints surfboards to look like playful marine animals

Illustrator Jean Jullien has designed a collection of graphic surfboards hand-painted to look like sea animals, which he describes as objects you could "put on your wall as much as you could surf with". Created in collaboration with Geoffray Sipoir of French company Fernand Surfboards, the collection includes four different-sized...

Marine Characters Smile in a Playfully Illustrated Line of Surfboards by Jean Jullien

French artist Jean Jullien (previously) brings his signature cartoonish characters to a new line of minimally illustrated surfboards. A collaboration with the manufacturer Fernand, the four spirited designs feature a pair of grinning fish, a relaxed whale, and a playful seal painted on single-color backdrops. To create the pieces, Jullien hand-illustrates each of the marine creatures on the foam boards before they’re glazed by Resin League and polished by Paul Hyde. You can find out more about the collaboration along with information on purchasing the varied designs on the artist’s Instagram. (via It’s Nice That)

Jean Jullien Creates Hand-Painted Surfboards Inspired by Sea Creatures

For his newest project, French artist Jean Jullien has teamed up with Fernand Surfboards to hand-paint a range of sea creature-inspired surfboards. The collection is comprised of one-of-a-kind designs in Jullien’s signature style. Two longboards in ivory and blue are painted to resemble the looks of a seal and whale, while two shorter iterations are painted to look like fishes. Each piece is complete with glassing by Resin League with diminishing polish by Paul Hyde.