Jay Novacek


Dallas Cowboys Legend Jay Novacek Is In Lubbock Today

Jay Novacek played six seasons with the Dallas Cowboys from 1990-1995. During his time with the Cowboys, he locked in five straight All-Star game appearances and was named NFL All-Pro in 1992. Novacek was a three-time Super Bowl Winner with the team and retired on top after the Cowboys beat the Steelers and Bam Morris to win their third Super Bowl in four seasons.

Jay Novacek signs autographs at a local liquor store

VICTORIA,Texas– Three time super bowl champion Jay Novacek promoted his first ever whiskey called “84 Proof” in a local liquor store, Texas Liquor, Thursday evening as he signed autographs. Novacek got the idea of making his own brand of whiskey while he was in a deer blind and five years...

Jay Novacek whiskey anyone?

LARAMIE -- Apparently Jay Novacek can do more than catch touchdowns and hoist Super Bowl trophies. The former Wyoming Cowboy tight end this week released his own craft whiskey, Novacek 84 Proof. The new small-batch whiskey runs for roughly $19.99 -- if you can find it. Numerous sites online say...