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After News CBS Cancelled Magnum P.I. Broke, Jay Hernandez Responded

The annual bloodbath of network TV cancellations happened last week, and it was harsh, to say the least. Now among the list of shows that have been axed or are ending in 2022 is CBS' Magnum P.I. reboot, which ran for four seasons. The show’s star, Jay Hernandez, took to social media after the news broke, and he shared a heartbreaker of a tweet.
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Magnum P.I. Star Jay Hernandez Reacts to Reboot's Surprise Cancellation

Click here to read the full article. “All good things must come to an end,” titular Magnum P.I. star Jay Hernandez shared Friday on Twitter in the wake of his CBS drama’s somewhat unexpected cancellation. As we reported Thursday, the network axed the reboot after four seasons. As a result, the May 6 Season 4 finale will function as a series finale. “We made memories I’ll be forever grateful for and thanks to each and every one of you for going on this wild ride with us,” Hernandez’ Twitter statement continued. “It’s all love. Until next time.” Meanwhile, Perdita Weeks (who played Higgins) shared...
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‘Magnum PI’ Star Jay Hernandez Teases Magnum and Higgin’s Future Ahead of Season 4 Finale

As “Magnum PI” prepares for its season 4 finale, star of the hit TV series Jay Hernandez teases his Magnum and Perdita Weeks’ Juliet Higgin’s future. While chatting with TV Insider, Jay Hernandez shares some details about the “Magnum PI” season finale. “Something always has to [happen]. You know, in my mind, they can’t end up together. Not yet. If they do, that means that’s the end of the show. That’s all I can [say].”

Will ‘Magnum P.I.’ Get a Season 5? Jay Hernandez Isn’t Worried (VIDEO)

What could possibly come between private investigators Thomas Magnum (Jay Hernandez) and Juliet Higgins (Perdita Weeks) in Friday’s Season 4 finale of Magnum P.I.? Plenty, since the CBS series has a habit of leaving us wanting more in the romance department for the two business partners. “Something always has to,” Hernandez says with a laugh. “In my mind, they can’t end up together—not yet. If they do, that means it’s the end of the show!” That said, the actor did share that the finale shifts to Magnum’s perspective of the relationship, which is a refreshing change: We’ve spent much of this season examining the situation from Higgins’ point of view—for example, in the dreams she’s been having about Magnum.

Suicide Squad Star Jay Hernandez Promises Ayer's Cut Will Be Released One Day

Following the fans' long petition to release the director's cut of 2016's DC box office film, Suicide Squad, another actor from the film added fuel to the fire, expressing his interest in seeing David Ayer's Cut of Suicide Squad. 2016's Suicide Squad was supposed to explore each character's gritty and...

Suicide Squad's #TheAyerCut Deserves HBO Max Release, Says Jay Hernandez (And Not Just Because He Survived It)

Click here to read the full article. David Ayer’s original edit of 2016’s Suicide Squad deserves streaming salvation, says cast member Jay Hernandez — and not only because his fire-wielding meta, Chato Santana aka El Diablo, survived that one. “Honestly, I think it will [one day get released],” Hernandez told TVLine during a recent Q&A. “And I’m a big fan of it happening. I hope it does.” The Magnum P.I. star posited that HBO Max — which streams the theatrically released Suicide Squad — would do right to also release “The Ayer Cut,” just as they did with Justice League‘s “(Zack) Snyder...

Jay Hernandez directs his first Magnum P.I. episode while appearing in nearly every scene

The actor says of helming Friday's episode: "In terms of directing, it was challenging because we had a lot of interesting, great locations, but they were kind of all over the island. And we had a lot of water work, which always presents challenges and always makes the days complicated to shoot, logistically. We were doing a lot of stuff on the surface of the water, I had to go down under about 50 to 60 feet to get some stuff…. It was also tough because I had to try to focus on directing, but I was in every frame of the episode. I think there were maybe two very small scenes I was not in."

Magnum P.I.'s Jay Hernandez Talks Directing a 'Ghost' Story, His 'Miggy' POV, Why Renewal Doesn't Worry Him

Click here to read the full article. This week on CBS’ Magnum P.I., Thomas gets an unexpected blast from the past when Nuzo, his dearly departed BUDS bud, is posthumously implicated in a murder. For Magnum, this represents an opportunity for redemption, seeing as he couldn’t save Nuzo’s life but now can preserve his friend’s honor. Airing tonight at 9/8c, “It’s a very different kind of episode and unlike anything we’ve ever done before,” exec producer Eric Guggenheim previously told TVLine. “We think it’s going to be pretty special, and we’re excited for everyone to see it.” Stepping behind the camera for...

Magnum PI season 4 premiere date hopes for Jay Hernandez, cast

Following tonight’s season 3 finale, are you curious to learn the Magnum PI season 4 premiere date? Is the show for sure coming back?. We don’t want to beat around the bush here too much, so let’s kick things off by getting the good news out of the way: There will be more new episodes coming to CBS down the road! The network made the announcement a little bit earlier in the spring, and that means you don’t have to worry about a lack of resolution to any story thread presented tonight.