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Jay Glazer Shares What He’s Heard From Aaron Rodgers

Conflicting reports surrounding the Aaron Rodgers situation continue to swirl this offseason. Just yesterday, former Green Bay wide receiver James Jones came on The Pat McAfee Show and explained why the conflict between Rodgers and the Packers organization is “fixable.” But today, NFL insider Jay Glazer came on the show with a different attitude — saying the reigning league MVP “absolutely” still wants out of Green Bay.
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Jay Glazer: Aaron Rodgers “Still Wants Out”

Fox insider Jay Glazer broke news in late April that Aaron Rodgers’ frustration with the Green Bay Packers organization was not a contractual issue, but an issue revolving around the drafting of 2020 first-round pick Jordan Love and the allegation that the team did not notify him of the selection, despite the team claiming that they did so to the public. On Wednesday’s taping of the Pat McAfee Show, Glazer updated the public on Rodgers’ situation, stating, “I know he still wants out. Without a doubt. Absolutely. Still wants out.”
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Jay Glazer thinks Aaron Rodgers is done with the Packers

Unfortunately for Green Bay Packers fans, more bad news has come in for the folks holding out hope that Aaron Rodgers will start come Week 1. If you ask NFL insider Jay Glazer, it really doesn't look like that will happen. This week, Glazer came out and reiterated that he...
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Latest Aaron Rodgers report from Jay Glazer isn’t promising for Packers fans

NFL insider Jay Glazer has made it more than clear that Aaron Rodgers wants nothing to do with the Green Bay Packers. It’s really getting harder and harder for Green Bay Packers fans to keep hope alive that Aaron Rodgers will lead the offense out onto the field come Week 1 against the New Orleans Saints. Reports continue to come out saying the future Hall-of-Fame signal-caller is done with the team.
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Fox Sports' Jay Glazer had to stave off angry Manchester United fans who thought he was part of the soccer team-owning Glazer family

"Just to be clear for the thousandth time as I woke up to all this stuff sent my way on social media... my family is from Brooklyn, NOT Tampa, we do NOT own Man U," Glazer tweeted after getting a lot of angry tweets. "We can’t sell bc WE DON’T OWN IT!! You can’t be that good a fan of them if you think an NFL Insider owns your team." Eventually, Glazer decided to play along, tweeting: "Ahhhh f*ck it... after much consideration and many talks with my family (none) and due to the fact that the business is just getting in the way of my day-drinking I have, in fact, decided to sell my stake in Manchester United... this decision did not come easy."
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Jay Glazer Responds After Manchester United Fans Tweet at Him Amid Fan Protests

The Glazer family owns English Premier League powerhouse Manchester United. NFL reporter Jay Glazer is not a part of that family. With the match between Manchester United and Liverpool being postponed after Red Devils fans protested the Glazer ownership and infiltrated Old Trafford in the wake of the failed Super League experiment, more than a few fans online apparently confused Jay Glazer with the Man U ownership:

Look: Jay Glazer Has A Blunt Message For Soccer Fans

Earlier Sunday morning – at least over here in the United States – wild images of a protest at Old Trafford had the soccer world going crazy. Just a few weeks ago, creation of a European soccer Super League was met with immediate backlash from players, fans and even the government. One of the clubs scheduled to be in the Super League was Manchester United.

NFL reporter Jay Glazer responds to misplaced hate from Manchester United fans

Manchester United’s match was postponed on Sunday after fans stormed Old Trafford stadium in protest of the club’s ownership group. NFL insider Jay Glazer wants to remind people, once again, that he has no relation to that ownership group. Billionaire Malcolm Glazer acquired ownership of Manchester United by buying out...

Jay Glazer Names The 2 ‘Generational’ Talents This Year

The commencement of the 2021 NFL Draft is just hours away. There’s plenty of elite prospects in this year’s class, but just two can be considered “generational” talents, according to NFL reporter Jay Glazer. Trevor Lawrence and Kyle Pitts are the only “generational” talents in this year’s 2021 NFL Draft,...
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Jay Glazer Says 1 Team Made Push For Julio Jones

Earlier this week, trade rumors started to surround All-Pro wideout Julio Jones. With the Atlanta Falcons holding the No. 4 pick in this weekend’s NFL Draft, it’s possible that veteran’s days with the organization are numbered. According to FOX Sports reporter Jay Glazer, the Falcons fielded a call about Jones...