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Jay Chou Wants to Be His Own Man on Screen

Click here to read the full article. Acting and directing were not on Jay Chou’s mind when he first began his music career nearly two decades ago. But over the years, he has accumulated several memorable film and TV roles locally in Asia and in Hollywood. And, between music ventures, he has sat in the film director’s chair. “I was born to believe in myself and complete my work on my own,” Chou said in a 2012 interview, discussing his work in acting and directing. “Once I understand how something works, I like to do it myself.” His screen career began in...
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Jay Chou: Art for Art’s Sake

Click here to read the full article. Music and film may have brought Jay Chou to his current standing, but he has also been actively cultivating his presence in the art world. And he is becoming ever more serious. It’s not hard to find Chou sharing images of artworks by blue-chip artists from Peter Doig to Jean-Michel Basquiat with his 7.4 million followers on Instagram. And he regularly offers a glimpse into his art collection, such as paintings by Gerhard Richter and Frank Stella, through his music videos. Chou’s passion for art is more than just a hobby. ARTnews named the Mando-pop...
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Jay Chou shares moving music video for ‘You Are The Firework I Missed’

Taiwanese Mandopop icon Jay Chou has released a music video for the track ‘You Are The Firework I Missed’. The emotive-four minute ballad was originally released as part of his latest album’s track listing, ‘Greatest Works Of Art’, which arrived on July 14. In the music video for ‘You Are The Firework I Missed’, Chou is seen driving around a barren land with a pensive look. He is also joined by a pianist, guitarist and drummer as they perform the track in the middle of nowhere.

Jay Chou Sold 10+ Million USD Worth of NFTs to Rank 4th Place Globally Next to Cryptopunk

Jay Chou, Asia's most popular singer, recently released an NFT series called Phantabear, which is currently among the top four most sold NFT series on Opensea. Over 10,000 NFTs, each costing more than 1,000 USD, were sold in less than five minutes, banking them over 10 million USD and breaking the record for the fastest selling NFT in the world in terms of quantity and price. Ranking right next to Cryptopunk, this is the first time a film celebrity broke into the top 5 chart.

Mandopop icon Jay Chou fuses art and entertainment

Jay Chou, the Taiwanese singer-songwriter dubbed the ‘king of Mandopop’ has fingers in many creative pies. Aside from his Mandopop megastar status (cemented by having sold over 30 million records), he is also an actor, classically-trained pianist, film director, Netflix host, rapper, magician and art collector. Adding yet another string...

$33 M. Basquiat Leads Sotheby’s Jay Chou–Curated Sale in Hong Kong

Sotheby’s will debut its celebrity-driven “Contemporary Curated” series in Hong Kong on June 18 with Taiwanese singer Jay Chou acting as the influencer. But the heartthrob won’t be the only star celebrated in the series. A work by Jean-Michel Basquiat that famously appeared in the background of the New York Times Magazine cover story from 1985 that anointed him as the artist of the “Downtown” generation will lead the evening sale in Hong Kong with a HKD 255 million ($32.8 million) low estimate.