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Jason Whitlock Commentary: I choose to live in reality and disavow delusion. Black children sentenced to “Lord of the Flies” existence

Democrats sentence black children to ‘Lord of the Flies’ existence. By JASON WHITLOCK (compelling commentary The Current pulled from the Internet. Send your comments to ) Beelzebub killed James Lambert, a 73-year-old Philadelphia man. Beelzebub is one of the seven princes of hell. In biblical times, Beelzebub...

Jason Whitlock Trending For What He Said About School Shooting

Former sports columnist and current talking head Jason Whitlock made headlines this morning with a controversial message following a shooting at a Texas elementary school that left 19 children and two teachers dead. "Our culture has moved such a negative direction in the last decade, I'm not sure first responders...

Jason Whitlock: Biden adopted Trump's talking points as his own

"Fearless" host Jason Whitlock called President Biden's State of the Union address "infuriating" Wednesday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight." JASON WHITLOCK: It was infuriating last night … I think there were two different State of the Union addresses. The first one was the State of the New World Order, and he was talking about bringing unity to all the people around the globe, and the countries around the globe, and NATO, and all that, and what we could do if we were unified. And then I thought, after he got done addressing Ukraine and all of that, then he pivoted to, "Well, let me get to some of President Trump's talking points and adopt them as my own." Now he wants to bring manufacturing jobs back. Now he wants to make it here in America. Now he wants to fund the police. Now he wants to secure the border. This, the second part of that speech, and this all was a clever sleight of hand. This guy's a globalist. He's worried about global issues. That's why he left China out of this because if he really wants to talk about the biggest threat to America and what's really influencing American culture and undermining American values and taking our country in the wrong direction, it's China, but he avoided that and wants to be seen as this great unifier of the globe. You can't be a great unifier of the rest of the world if you're not legitimately promoting unity here at home among Americans.

Jason Whitlock

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Jason Whitlock strikes again ( J Howard related)

That was neither funny nor made much sense dude. Because he cares about his people and sees that they’re being used and degraded. Someone degrade me for millions a year, please and thank you. Someone degrade me for millions a year, please and thank you. Just watch the video...