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2022 NFL Draft insider notes: Here's how Jason La Canfora sees the top 10 picks playing out

It's draft week! Almost Christmas! Are you counting down the hours?. Of course you are. Why wouldn't you be? It's also a week of great derision and scorn for those of us in the NFL Football Media, as we publish in many cases final mock drafts … and in some cases, one-and-only mock drafts. I fall into that category. We do it once and then we live with the consequences forever. And it's almost time to publish the annual exercise in (mostly) futility -- that'll happen Thursday morning.
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Jason La Canfora Reveals “Name To Watch” For Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are in the market for a quarterback this offseason, especially now that Carson Wentz is no longer on the roster. Over the past few days, Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garoppolo have been heavily linked to the Colts. However, it’s unclear if they’ll be able to acquire one of those veteran quarterbacks.
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Jason La Canfora Thinks 1 Other NFL Coach Will Be Fired

One NFL insider doesn’t believe the head coach firings are done just yet. On Wednesday, CBS Sports‘ Jason La Canfora gave his thoughts on the carousel, including the Houston’s David Culley situation. Noting he “still would not be surprised if the Houston Texans were conducting a head...


The Eagles are a 3 1/2-point fave tomorr0w at the WFT in what could be a playoffs-clinching game. And here’s why CBS Sports Jason La Canfora is staying on the Birds bandwagon:. I have been riding the Eagles with some regularity in this space, believing them to be a...
Cincy Jungle

Good news: Jason La Canfora thinks the Bengals will have a terrible season

If you follow Jason La Canfora, you know by now a lot of his predictions turn out to be way off, especially when it comes to the Cincinnati Bengals. Hopefully, that continues with his latest one, as La Canfora included the Bengals in his list of six NFL teams headed for an ugly 2021 season.

Jason La Canfora: Miami Dolphins Brian Flores is on the hot seat

If you listen to the dribble that comes out of the mainstream media sometimes, you need to be checked out. The latest is Brian Flores on the hot seat. The Miami Dolphins made Brian Flores a head coach for the first time in 2019. They gave him a fully guaranteed five-year contract and last year, he led his team to ten wins and narrowly missed the playoffs but that hasn’t stopped one media guy from saying that Flores is on the hot seat.

CBS insider Jason La Canfora ranks first-year head coaching situations, low-balls Arthur Smith and Falcons

CBS sports insider Jason La Canfora generated rankings for the NFL’s seven new head coaches in 2021, and his metrics were ownership, front office, roster, and recent history. His reasoning of development and rosters being vital is fair, but the rest of his criteria seems unnecessary; even more importantly, his rankings don’t abide by his own measures.

Jason La Canfora Destroys Packers Management Over Rodgers Situation

It seems as though anyone who has ever even heard about the game of football has an opinion on the Aaron Rodgers saga. The opinions range from plugged-in insiders to Rodgers’ inner circle to extremely frustrated fans. It’s hard to tell which, if any, of them carry any weight. But when a high-end NFL expert lays into an organization in extreme detail and puts their reputation on the line, you can bet there’s some smoke to that fire.

Eagles Rumors: Jason La Canfora Thinks The Eagles Are a “Dark Horse” Candidate For Julio Jones Trade

Julio Jones trade rumors to Philly just will not go away. Darius Slay posted a recruiting pitch to Jones on Twitter this past week. CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora added fuel to the trade fire by saying that the Eagles are a dark-horse candidate to make a trade for Jones. Should Howie and the rest of Philly’s brass at least make a call to see if Jones is available? Eagles Now host Thomas Mott breaks down what all could happen on today’s video from Chat Sports on News Break.

Jason La Canfora Names Panthers a "Logical Landing Spot" for Aaron Rodgers

The thought of Aaron Rodgers in any other jersey than Green Bay doesn't seem right but the same could be said about Tom Brady before he left New England for Tampa Bay. The Packers and Rodgers are at a standstill at the moment as Rodgers has stated that he no longer wants to play for the organization while the Packers have insisted on keeping him a part of their plans for 2021 and beyond. There has been tension building over the last several months but the Packers have made several roster moves over the years that have frustrated the franchise quarterback.