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Transcript: Jason Furman on "Face the Nation," July 17, 2022

The following is a transcript of an interview with economist Jason Furman that aired Sunday, July 17, 2022, on "Face the Nation." MARGARET BRENNAN: For a broader look at some of the economic headwinds we are facing as a country, we're joined now by Jason Furman. He was the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under the Obama administration and is now a professor at Harvard. Excuse me, he joins us from Boston this morning. Good morning to you. Inflation is running extremely hot, as you know, up 9.1% Over the past 12 months, shelter, food, gas, all the things the Fed can't really control that they're hurting people. Are we at the peak yet?
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Jason Furman: Lifting Trump tariffs on China ‘would be the biggest step’ Biden could take to lower inflation

Jason Furman, former White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman, and NBC’s Carol Lee and Jo Ling Kent join Andrea Mitchell to discuss President Biden’s battle with record-high inflation, his top priority ahead of the midterms. “I’d love to see them lift most of the tariffs that President Trump imposed. That would bring down inflation directly, would increase competition and the economy and indirectly, and bring down prices even more,” says Furman. “This would be the biggest step he could take, that he's not taken so far.May 10, 2022.

Fed 'behind the curve' on inflation, says former Obama economist Jason Furman

Former Obama administration economist Jason Furman says inflation is proving many economists wrong by surging ahead of employment gains after the pandemic "too fast." The Fed has been "a little bit behind the curve," he said. There's "not a great "playbook," for the government, the Harvard economist said, other than...

Jason Furman: ‘A carbon tax’ is a ‘better policy than anything under discussion right now’

Jason Furman, former Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss key issues in the Social Spending Bill, including climate policies and the child care tax credit. “A carbon tax is just a much better policy than anything under discussion right now. I hope one day we have it in our country, not sure that that day is going to happen in the next month or two,” says Furman.Oct. 21, 2021.