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Jason Chaffetz on Manchin agreeing to a version of Biden's legislative agenda: 'Folds like a house of cards'

Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz blasted Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin for agreeing to a revised version of Biden's Build Back Better agenda Thursday on "Hannity." JASON CHAFFETZ: This is what is shocking. Manchin was put up as the one person with Kyrsten Sinema that was holding back the dam but the good people of West Virginia got snookered. You got taken to the cleaners because just this week he has recklessly added more spending, more than $700 billion in more spending. Is that going to help you at the gas tank? Is that going to help you with inflation? No. And he raised taxes. Everybody is going to feel that in West Virginia and the coal industry also got a tax increase so good luck going back and explaining that. Shelley Moore Capito, she got it right.
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Jason Chaffetz: Rep Tim Ryan Should Just Tell Biden Thanks, But No Thanks

Jason Chaffetz, Co-Host of the “Jason In The House Podcast” on Fox News Podcasts joins Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla to discuss whether or not Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan actually wants President Biden stumping for him in his re-election bid for the 13th district of Ohio. Chaffetz, who is a former Utah Congressman, says Ryan should pass on a Biden endorsement.

Biden administration 'still not doing a single thing' to fix southern border crisis: Jason Chaffetz

Guest host Jason Chaffetz chided the Biden administration's inaction on the southern border in Friday's opening monologue of "The Ingraham Angle." CHAFFETZ: We talk a lot about this border crisis and how it's led to a surge in crime. It's fueling a drug epidemic. It's literally costing us American lives. And tonight, we learned that a border crisis may have taken yet another life. Despite all of this destruction it's doing to our country, the Biden administration is still not doing a single thing to fix this crisis. In fact, tomorrow marks one month until Title 42 is officially lifted - one month - and then the floodgates open up even more. You remember th[ose] caravans last year? Well, get ready for more. Border agents are bracing for this.

‘Shave Those Pits!’ Jason Chaffetz Loses Interest in Fox News Segment, Instead Mocks Leonardo DiCaprio’s Armpit Hair

Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) appeared to lose interest and veered off-script in a segment on Fox’s Outnumbered Monday, in which actor Leonardo DiCaprio was being called out for hypocrisy on climate change. Fox anchor Harris Faulkner was the first panelist to show disinterest in DiCaprio’s apparent hypocrisy for...

Jason Chaffetz: Virginia gubernatorial race has tone-deaf Beltway Democrats doubling down on losing messages

In a race that should not even be close, Democrats in Virginia are beginning to panic as GOP political outsider Glenn Youngkin runs neck-and-neck with former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe. And efforts by popular Beltway Democrats like Vice President Kamala Harris and former President Barack Obama to help McAuliffe may be backfiring with voters as tone-deaf messaging only amplifies McAuliffe's weakness.