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Is Happy Death Day 3 Happening? Here’s The Latest From Jason Blum

The horror genre has been experiencing a renaissance for a number of years now. Many of the modern classics hitting theaters were made possible thanks to Blumhouse, including hit projects like the Oscar favorite Get Out, plus The Invisible Man and Paranormal Activity. The studio is also behind the Happy Death Day franchise, with fans hoping a threequel arrives sooner rather than later. So is Happy Death Day 3 happening? Here’s the latest from Jason Blum.

The Boys Presents: Diabolical First Look At Laser Baby, Jason Blum On Happy Death Day 3, Batgirl Costume Controversy | Daily COG

The Boys Presents: Diabolical First Look At Laser Baby, Jason Blum On Happy Death Day 3, Batgirl Costume Controversy | Daily COG. Listen And Subscribe On: Apple Podcasts |Spotify |SoundCloud | Stitcher | Google Play. In today’s episode, Kyle (@ThatKyleMalone) and Christine (SHE’S BACK! @adorabledoom) entertainment news from across The...

Universal Slates ‘M3gan,’ From Both James Wan And Jason Blum, For January 2023

One sign of success is the extent to which other studios make a move to somewhat attempt to replicate that success. Days after Scream overperformed over the Martin Luther King weekend with $33.8 million, Universal has dated their own “big” horror movie for the MLK weekend in 2023. Blumhouse and Atomic Monster’s M3gan will now open January 13 (yes, Friday the 13th), 2023. Scream’s successful launch may have destroyed 17 years of tradition, as we’ve been getting grindhouse horror movies on the first weekend of January at least since Michael Keaton’s White Noise opened with $25 million in 2005.

HAPPY DEATH DAY 3: Jason Blum Offers Hopeful News Regarding Horror Sequel

A third film in the Happy Death Day horror series is most likely in development according to big time horror producer Jason Blum. After two successful forays into the Groundhog Day of horror films (AKA the Happy Death Day movies), director Christopher Landon has been ready for a third picture in the franchise. He’s been ready for over a year now. It has been reported that Jason Blum has officially confirmed that something is in the works regarding a Happy Death Day 3. The star of the picture, Jessica Rothe, who plays “Tree,” is only 34-years old but thinks her character in the movie could be returning even when Rothe turns 50. Given the success of the previous two films, that notion could be a definite possibility.

Five Nights at Freddy's Movie Update Provided by Jason Blum

Blumhouse Productions founder Jason Blum recently gave fans an opportunity for an impromptu Q&A session on Twitter. Within one minute of his post asking for questions, Blum was asked about the current status of the Five Nights at Freddy's film. Unfortunately, Blum did not have much in the way of new information, but he did reply to the question, stating "it really is still coming. I promise, guys." Blumhouse confirmed its plans to create an adaptation based on the series back in 2017, and Chris Columbus was attached at one point to direct, though he is no longer involved.

Jason Blum “Stirring” Up Some Happy Death Day 3 Buzz

Who knew a time loop movie trope could work so well outside of 1993 Groundhog Day? Happy Death Day came out in 2017 and many people loved it as well as the sequel, Happy Death Day 2U. The ending set up for a Happy Death Day 3 and fans have been asking about it. A few days ago, Jason Blum, from Blumhouse Productions, offered fans to ask questions on Twitter and someone asked about a Happy Death Day 3. Here’s his response:

Third ‘Happy Death Day’ Still in the Cards, Teases Jason Blum

Blum has been teasing Tree’s return for the better part of the past year and continued to do so this past weekend over on social media. When asked about a third Happy Death Day, Blum exclaimed: “Something is stirring. I will say that.”. It’s no guarantee but there...

Blumhouse’s Jason Blum picks his favourite horror films: “Michael Myers is the scariest character in any horror movie, ever”

There are few names in modern Hollywood more responsible than Jason Blum for getting good, challenging or just plain interesting horror movies into cinemas. With his production company Blumhouse, he’s overseen a string of modern horror classics – and he’s done so against the odds, hustling as he goes and rallying against a rigid Hollywood system that more often values economics over innovation.

Horror Icon Jason Blum Reveals The Scariest Movies He’s Seen

Do you like scary movies? Unlike Scream’s lead final girl Sidney Prescott, Jason Blum loves them and has built a life and successful career out of them. As the founder of Blumhouse Productions, Blum has produced a large number of successful and recognizable horror films over the last 15 years. As his most recently released horror movie Halloween Kills already succeeding at the box office, Blum has opened up about the creepiest movies he's seen.

Producer Jason Blum on Halloween Kills: ‘The Kills Are Even Gorier and Crazier’

Halloween is one of the most popular horror franchises out there with a lot of films inside its mask. In 2018, a new Halloween was released for the old and new generations, and it did away with all of the previous films and acted as a direct sequel to the original 1978 film. That meant that the sibling storyline with Michael Myers and Laurie Strode was gone, maintaining the mysterious nature of the killer. With the film’s box office success and praises from critics, a sequel was inevitable. Enter Halloween Kills, where it continues the wrath of Michael Myers.

Jason Blum Offers Update on His UPGRADE Series Adaptation

Leigh Whannell’s 2018 Blumhouse sci-fi thriller Upgrade was an awesome film! Unfortunately, it didn’t do very well at the box office. The movie didn’t get a very big release so not a lot of people had the opportunity to see it on the big screen and producer Jason Blum is not happy about that.

Halloween Kills Producer Jason Blum On Why Sequels Are Difficult [Interview]

In 2018, Blumhouse surpassed expectations with "Halloween," David Gordon Green's sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 slasher classic. Surpassing expectations wasn't anything new to Blumhouse, but the production company delivered a hit reboot that most audiences weren't expecting. Not just a hit, but more importantly, a well-liked return to the world of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. Three years later, the horror icons return in "Halloween Kills."
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Horror king Jason Blum: ‘You have to find new ways to get under people’s skin’

The nights are drawing in, Halloween is approaching and cinemas are back to full capacity. This can only mean one thing: horror movies, hordes of them. In recent years it feels as if the autumnal horror wave has become a year-round tsunami. Horror is everywhere on our screens these days, and if there’s one person to blame, it might well be Jason Blum.

Jason Blum and David Gordon Green on ‘Halloween Kills’ and ‘Halloween Ends’ New Twist Ending

Once Halloween (2018) became the franchise’s highest-grossing chapter, producer Jason Blum and filmmaker David Gordon Green had the wind at their backs as they set out to complete a new trilogy. With the second installment, Halloween Kills, on the verge of a day-and-date release, the two collaborators are now looking back at the “impossible task” of uniting Halloween (1978) fans, including John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis, with a new generation of horror buffs by way of Halloween (2018). “It was daunting because John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and everyone are very emotional about this franchise and have lots of feelings...

Halloween Kills | Director David Gordon Green And Jason Blum On The Rage Of Michael Myers [Roundtable Interview]

(from left) Director David Gordon Green and James Jude Courtney on the set of Halloween Kills. The wait is over for fans of the classic slasher icon Michael Myers. Halloween Kills is now playing in theaters and available to stream on Peacock. It looks like Universal Pictures and Blumhouse want to make sure that one way or another Michael Myers finds his way into your view. While entertaining for us, this is really bad news for the town of Haddonfield. Because it means that its Halloween and Michael Myers is on the loose looking for new victims.

Jason Blum Keeps Teasing Happy Death Day 3, Won't Confirm It

I know we're overloaded with an abundance of remakes, reboots, and sequels, and I would sure love something original for a change. However, there's one sequel I can get behind: "Happy Death Day 3." Unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet, and it's unclear if it ever will. "Happy Death 2U" ends with a set-up for a third film, but weak box office performance put any plans for that third film on indefinite hold. Which is a damn shame, because the "Happy Death Day" series is wonderful and I would love for everyone involved to get to finish out a trilogy. Blumhouse big cheese Jason Blum has continually given us a tiny sliver of hope for a third film without committing to anything, and now he's out here doing it again. This time, Blum has said he "has a plan" for another "Happy Death Day" entry, but doesn't go into details. Damn you, Jason Blum. Don't give me hope.

Jason Blum says Get Out is the “perfect Blumhouse movie”

Blumhouse has made a name for itself in recent years for being the horror movie studio. The company’s done everything from ghostly found footage films to resurrecting old slasher series. Yet it’s probably best known for Get Out a startling thriller movie that took the world by storm when it was released in 2017.