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Is Netflix's Jason Bateman-Led Thriller Series 'Ozark' Actually Filmed in the Ozark Mountains?

Money laundering goes horribly wrong in Netflix's smash-hit Emmy-winning series Ozark. Created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams, Ozark follows Emmy winner Jason Bateman's Marty Byrde — a financial planner who's forced to move his family from Chicago to a quaint community in the Missouri Ozarks after his money-laundering scheme tragically falls apart. Things get serious when Marty is approached by an FBI agent who relays that his partner has been murdered. This is just the beginning.
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Jason Bateman says he’s rewatching ‘Ozark’ with his teenage daughter

Ozark star Jason Bateman has revealed that he has started rewatching the gritty Netflix series from the beginning with his 15-year-old daughter. Speaking during Entertainment Weekly‘s Around The Table feature as part of the Ozark cast, Bateman revealed that the pair have been watching one episode a night so far. “Last night and the night before, my 15-year-old daughter and I sat and watched episode 1 and episode 2 of the show,” he said.

Jason Bateman is rewatching Ozark with his 15-year-old daughter

Ozark might have ended, but it's still bringing families together. The drama, which launched on Netflix in 2017 and just recently wrapped its four-season run, follows Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) as he discovers the (major) downside of laundering money for a Mexican cartel. The husband and father relocates his family from Chicago to the Ozarks in Missouri in order to, well, stay alive. But what he hopes is a good business opportunity proves to be far more complicated than he could've imagined.

‘Ozark’: How Much Does Jason Bateman Make Per Episode?

Fans of the Netflix show Ozark are getting their fix of seeing Jason Bateman play Marty Byrde. The show has aired its final original episode. Now, Ozark fans will have to turn to the world of reruns whenever the show pops up. TV viewers are familiar with seeing Bateman appear on shows like Arrested Development and movies, too. What, though, did he earn per episode for playing Marty?

Jason Bateman Issues Public Thank You to Ozark Fans

Jason Bateman took a second to publicly thank all the Ozark fans out there. On Twitter, the actor expressed his gratefulness to everyone out there who has made the Netflix show a hit over these four seasons. The final episodes of the series have made their way onto the streamer and people are filing in to see what will happen to the Byrde family. It hasn't exactly been a positive journey for the group of characters. But, every story has to have an ending. The time has come, but what a ride it has been for Bateman and his co-stars. You can read what he had to say to the fans down below.

Jason Bateman Speaks Out as ‘Ozark’ Releases Final Episodes

Jason Bateman, star of Ozark made a special announcement today. A little thank you to fans that have stuck around during the ride. Bateman isn’t one to tweet a lot, but his message today was sincere and appropriate after the run that the show has had on Netflix. Easily one of the most popular and well-made productions that the streaming service has put out.

'Ozark' Series Finale: Jason Bateman and Laura Linney Reflect on the Final Episodes (Exclusive)

Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you haven't watched all of the fourth and final season of Ozark. After four acclaimed seasons, Ozark took its final bow on Friday, as the last episodes of the series debuted on Netflix. And, true to form, the crime drama left fans biting their nails until the final moment as the Byrde family banded together to protect their own.

Ozark: Jason Bateman teases ‘happy ending’ ahead of season four part two release

Jason Bateman has teased a “happy ending” to Ozark.The first seven episodes of Ozark’s fourth and final season arrived on Netflix in January 2022. The concluding seven episodes will be released on 29 April. Ahead of their release, Bateman – who plays Marty Byrde, a father who brings his family to the Ozarks after a money-laundering scheme goes awry – opened up about what fans can expect in the finale during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “With the final season, the whole thing was like, ‘Well, how are we gonna end it?’” Bateman told...

‘Ozark’ Boss, Jason Bateman and Laura Linney on Avoiding a “Junk Food” Ending and the “Choicefulness” of Final Episodes

When deciding how to end Ozark, showrunner, writer and EP Chris Mundy said he wanted to honor the critically acclaimed Netflix series’ past seasons by only throwing the kinds of dramatic curveballs the show has been known for. “I think the main thing was, we really wanted to be true to the story we were telling,” Mundy told The Hollywood Reporter at the Ozark finale premiere in New York about what to expect during the show’s final seven episodes, which drop this weekend. “We were always pretty brutal throughout the seasons, so we didn’t want to chicken out at the last...