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Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker confirms the band will reunite for live shows next year

Pulp will reunite for live shows in 2023, Jarvis Cocker has confirmed.In a live event with The Guardian, the band’s frontman said: “Next year Pulp are going to play some concerts!”The Britpop band haven’t performed together since 2012, when they ended a run of reunion shows in a home-coming gig in Sheffield.The news comes after Cocker posted a cryptic video on Instagram last week, with the words “What exactly do you want for an encore,” over the sound of applause.The words reference lyrics from the band’s track “This is Hardcore”, from their 1998 album of the same name.Cocker captioned...
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Pulp Reuniting for Shows in 2023, Jarvis Cocker Says

Pulp will reunite for a series of concerts in 2023, Jarvis Cocker confirmed during a Guardian-hosted live Q&A today. He responded to a question about a recent Instagram post, which quoted “This Is Hardcore” in a “deliberately cryptic” way. “Next year, Pulp are going to play some concerts,” he said. Further details are currently unknown, but next year also marks the 25th anniversary of the band’s 1998 album This Is Hardcore. The shows would be Pulp’s first since 2012.
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Jarvis Cocker confirms Pulp reunion shows for 2023

Jarvis Cocker has confirmed that Pulp will return for reunion shows next year. Drummer Nick Banks has also shared that more news will follow soon. The Pulp singer and solo artist told fans at a Guardian-hosted talk and Q&A for his new memoir Good Pop, Bad Pop that the band will regroup for 2023.

Fans speculate that Jarvis Cocker is teasing another Pulp reunion

Jarvis Cocker has shared a mysterious post on Instagram, prompting fans to wonder whether a Pulp reunion could be on the cards. The 15-second clip is soundtracked by rapturous applause, while the words “What exactly do you do for an encore?” appear on screen. The line is from the title track of Pulp’s 1998 album ‘This Is Hardcore’, which is set to reach its 25th anniversary next year.

Jarvis Cocker speaks out on Roe v. Wade at Glastonbury 2022

Jarvis Cocker expressed his outrage at the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade during his Glastonbury set today (June 26). Ahead of playing ‘Cunts Are Still Running the World’, the former Pulp frontman told the crowd that he and his JARV IS band had decided to change the lyrics.

Jarvis Cocker on the cave art that moved him to tears

Creswell Crags is the kind of place that you get taken to on school trips when you’re a kid. I found myself there because I was back Up North looking for some activity to keep my son occupied one day. I went with no expectations, but I found myself pretty impressed by the place. It’s a little like a quarry, but there are caves set into the walls so it almost looks like a prehistoric version of high-rise flats, such as Sheffield’s famous Park Hill complex. There was something familiar about it.

Val McDermid and Jarvis Cocker set for Edinburgh International Book Festival

Writers including Alexander McCall Smith, Val McDermid and Julian Barnes and musician Jarvis Cocker will be among those taking part in the Edinburgh International Book Festival this year.There will be more than 600 events during the festival in August, which will feature in excess of 550 authors, performers, musicians and thinkers from 50 countries under the banner “All Together Now”.The programme will build on the hybrid format developed over the past two years of the pandemic, with live, in-person events, many of which will also be available to stream or to watch at a later date.Those appearing at the festival...