Jane Timken

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Letter: Jane Timken is the Mom Ohio needs

We all have mothers in our lives. Whether she is your biological mom, grandma, aunt, teacher, mentor, sister or someone else, she has probably had a massive impact on your life. She is just as kind and compassionate as she is dedicated and hard working. She’s got it all.

Decision 2022: U.S. Senate candidate Jane Timken

The former chair of the Ohio Republican party, Jane Timken sees herself as uniquely situated to hold together all elements of the Republican party. “I'm a unifier,” Timken said, pointing to her endorsement from former President Donald Trump for her chairmanship and her experience speaking to Ohio residents throughout her term in that role.

GOP women's group rolls out seven-figure ad buy for Jane Timken in Ohio

The Republican group Winning for Women on Tuesday rolled out a seven-figure ad buy supporting Ohio Senate candidate Jane Timken ahead of May's primary. The $1.4 million television, radio, digital and mail campaign marks the group's first spending in the 2022 cycle. The campaign will hit the television and radio airwaves for three weeks in the Columbus, Toledo, and Youngstown media markets. It will also include digital and mail efforts in the region.

Senate candidate Jane Timken nods to moms who have 'had enough' of Democrats' policies

March commemorates Women’s History Month where we celebrate the contributions of women. Throughout history, women have been trailblazers in voting rights, civil rights, and political rights — often ushering in large scale movements that have impacted our communities in incredible ways. We are on the precipice of yet another movement. This Women’s History Month, we celebrate women, specifically the mama bears, who are leading a political awakening in this country. While we see and honor all those...