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Why you're going to want a Jane Birkin top this summer

In 1969 a black and white picture of Jane Birkin in a charming white lace top caused a mini sensation. Let me think why this could possibly have been. First, she was in Cannes at a time when, for most people, Bournemouth was still the dream. Second, she was with Serge Gainsbourg, only the most notorious lover on the planet at that point. Well, he was French wasn’t he? Third, although the top has often been described as Victorian, it was hardly the kind of thing one can imagine the actual Victoria endorsing, not least because it was cropped within a millimetre of Jane’s boobs. And just in case anyone was in any doubt about this, it was semi sheer, in the way that eyelet lace tends to be. And this being Jane and the 1960s, there was none of that nude bra business going on.
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Jane Birkin On Grief, Jealousy, And Her Most Personal Album Ever

After Jane Birkin suddenly lost her eldest daughter — photographer Kate Barry, who died of suspected suicide in 2013 — she took comfort in going to the movies. The onscreen tragedies characters would suffer served as something of a reminder that things could, in fact, get worse. It was during this time that Birkin, who rose to prominence in the late 1960s as a singer, actor, and collaborator of French-pop provocateur Serge Gainsbourg, saw Manchester By The Sea, which is about a man (Casey Affleck) who loses his three young children in an accidental house fire and spends the whole movie blaming himself.
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Jane Birkin On Her Deeply Personal New Album, Mastering French Style & Her Quintessentially English Beauty Routine

When I speak with Jane Birkin via Zoom on a recent afternoon, she’s 15 minutes late. “Mais pourquoi? Pourquoi?” she moans in front of her screen until she realises that she has finally reached me and I can, in fact, both hear and see her. Of course, video chatting is a new frontier for the 74-year-old artist, who rose to international fame in the 1960s as the young English gamine who scandalised the world (not to mention the Pope) with her breathless, racy recording of Serge Gainsbourg’s “Je t’aime… moi non plus”. (Her infamous basket bags and sheer mini dresses – “Had I known that with a flash you could go through the material like that, I would have taken my knickers off!” she now says, laughing – followed shortly thereafter.)
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Jane Birkin Announces New Album Oh! Pardon tu dormais...

Jane Birkin has announced her next album: Oh! Pardon tu dormais... is out on February 5 via Verve. It features contributions from Étienne Daho and Jean-Louis Piérot, with the former co-writing lyrics on several songs and the latter producing. The album also features the singer’s first-ever English-language songs. In addition, Oh! Pardon tu dormais… includes Birkin’s 2020 songs “Les jeux interdits,” “Oh! Pardon tu dormais…,” and “Ta sentinelle.”

Jane Birkin preps new album, shares “Les Jeux Interdits”

Jane Birkin will release new album Oh! Pardon tu dormais... on February 5 via Verve. It's her first album since 2017's Birkin/Gainsbourg: Symphonique, and her first of new material since 2008's Enfants d'Hiver, and is partially based on Birkin’s theatrical play of the same name (which translates as "Oh! Sorry you were sleeping").
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Jane Birkin & Bianca Jagger Inspired Jenna Coleman’s ’70s Wardrobe In ‘The Serpent’

What The Serpent – the BBC’s retelling of the crime spree of Charles Sobhraj, who murdered Western tourists on Southeast Asia’s hippie trail in the ’70s – lacks in nail-biting drama, it makes up for in its heady portrayal of a free-spirited travellers’ paradise, where the world is anyone’s oyster. At the heart of this intoxicating scene, where con artistry fuels the glamorous lifestyle of Sobhraj (played by Tahar Rahim), is the magnetic presence of his girlfriend Marie-Andrée Leclerc (Jenna Coleman). Firmly under Sobhraj’s spell, it is unclear what Leclerc gets out of their messy life on the run, apart from a knockout wardrobe.