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A Trump Supporter Claimed Joe Biden Is Actually Being Played By Jim Carrey (And — Why Not? — By James Woods, Too)

There was a relatively brief period when Jim Carrey was SNL’s go-to Joe Biden. In the run-up to the 2020 election, the legendary performer played the future 46th president as a sunglasses-wearing badass, ready to return to the White House and kick out Donald Trump. Luckily that’s exactly what wound up happening. Still, Carrey’s interpretation had plenty of detractors, though to some he was so convincing they think he really is Joe Biden.
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Interview with James Woods, Senior Designer at Human After All

Almost ten years after graduating, James Woods is now working a Senior Designer at Human After All, but has always carved out his own unique path through the industry. Taking in internships, freelance and studio roles, James has seen it all, working in some of the UK’s biggest studios; Village Green Studio, MultiAdaptor, DesignStudio and more. James’ experiences and fascinating career path made him the perfect candidate to deliver a keynote speech to our Shillington London and Manchester students on graduation day in December 2021. He dropped not only some serious knowledge about the industry they were heading into, but also some invaluable tips and advice for their new careers.
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Transient hiding in hotel closet claims to be “James Woods”

A transient found hiding in a hotel closet allegedly told Iowa City Police he was “James Woods”. The first clue investigators had that Jamaal Green was not the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actor was that he was a 30-year-old black man standing 5’9″ tall and weighing 240 pounds.
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James Woods nominated in statewide food contest

Finalists have been announced for the 2022 class of the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame, and Camden's own James Woods, owner and proprietor of Wood's Place, is among the finalists for proprietor of the year. Arkansas Heritage launched the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame program in 2016 to recognize Arkansas's...

Fear no longer a factor for freestyle skier James Woods ahead of third Olympics

From a self-confessed scaredy-cat to a freestyle superstar intent on taming one of the toughest courses in Olympic history, James Woods has no intention of calling time on his swashbuckling career.Fear is no longer a factor for the free-spirited 30-year-old, who will take part in his third Games in Beijing 5,000 miles from his cautious early steps at the Sheffield Ski Village.“I don’t get scared,” grinned Woods as he surveyed the death-slide drop at the end of the slopestyle course high in the Zhangjikou mountains, upon which he is expected to challenge for a medal next week.“I remember being...

James Woods aiming to outjump fear-factor as Beijing Winter Olympics loom

James Woods says he fears nothing, not broken bones and certainly not failure.Woods became the first British man to win a World Championship gold on snow three years ago but his two previous Winter Olympic appearances have been near misses, a fifth in Sochi and fourth in PyeongChang.On both occasions he was nursing a niggling injury, this time around there are no such problems, although an untimely Covid diagnosis over Christmas nearly cost him his qualification, meaning he is flying in under the radar when it comes to British medal hopes.Woods, 30, got his first glimpse of the slopestyle course...
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James Woods, Longest-Serving BC Dean, Passes at 90

The decades-long tenure of Rev. James A. Woods, S.J., namesake of the Woods College of Advancing Studies, was marked by a forceful commitment to transforming the lives of the countless students who stepped into his office. Woods retired after 44 years at Boston College to the Campion Center in Weston,...

James Woods Sure Loves His Porsches

Actor James Woods, who’s famous for starring in The Onion Fields, Virgin Suicides, Videodrome, Once Upon a Time in America, and countless other award-winning movies, is not only a famous actor but also a true car guy. His weakness is Porsches, something a fair number of gearheads at least fantasize about, even if they don’t have the financial means to follow through with such an obsession.